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The Judge

: 2014-04-04 23:35:30
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Im sorry, please, forgive me, its all my fault
Im sorry, please, forgive me, I keep whispering
I couldnt protect you from this cruel world
What should I do now that youre gone?

(Its been 1 month and 11 days since you left
You caught the killer, just like they wanted you to. Was it worth it?
They say that your deed was heroic, that youre a hero. I dont want you to be a hero.
I just want you to be alive)

All the words you said to me
Still sound in my head
Everybody forgot it as if they never knew it
Having turned pain into shameful farce
Everybody forgot about their guilt
How they left you alone
And how they sent you to your death
But Im going to remind them

Im sorry, please, forgive me, Im the one whos the most guilty
Im sorry, please, forgive me, my guilt has no bounds
If only I could stop you that horrible day
But what can I do? Youre gone.

(Its been 2 months and 4 days since you left
They tell me to get over it, that its not my fault, and its not theirs as well
Im mad and my anger builds up day by day. Its so hard here without you
But now I finally know what I should do)
We need the result, not excuses, we dont care how, just catch him
For all her service, for all her efforts you destroyed her with your order
She relied on you
She fulfilled your order
All the pain she had to suffer because of you youll feel it soon

(I dont know how it happened, but every time I do this, I imagine you in their places, and I feel very, very sick
I dont know what I should do anymore. I know nothing
Save me, I beg you, save me)

I stick a knife into my despair
I cut and cut it but it just builds up
Everybody whos guilty of what happened to you
They paid for everything

Im sorry, please, forgive me, I didnt want this
Everything you were fighting for, I destroyed it all
Is this vengeance? Is this addiction? I dont know, I really dont
But it doesnt bother me anymore, because theres no me anymore

If only I could switch places with you back then
I wouldnt live with all this regret, with all this guilt
This world is my prison, its my coffin
But soon it will end, so the verdict is

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