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Event Flash

As I was in the process of finishing off this article which is a combination of information from the Cobra conference in LA plus details from different blogs posted on Portal 2012 since the blog site was started by Cobra on the 31st March 2012, I came across the following 30 sentences or so which was the end of a longer blog on the 6th April 2012. I felt it was the best way to start off this hopefully very all-round picture of the coming ‘Event’.
“No human authority will decide when this is about to happen. The final word when the ‘Event’ is to happen is coming directly from the Source. This is an Event of Cosmic Importance. The last planet under the grip of the dark forces is about to be liberated and this is going to send ripples of Light throughout the Galaxy.
Just before 'The Event', the Source will send a pulse of Light through the Galactic Confederation and the Pleiadians will instruct the Resistance Movement to use its 300 operatives on the surface of the planet to contact the key people inside the military and law enforcement and then the operation will start.
After the operation is successfully completed, there might be people that would like to take advantage of the situation by setting their own governments, confiscating funds... Because the Cabal will be taken care of, this does not mean that human greed and lust for power will be exterminated. They are simply part of the character for a certain percentage of unenlightened human population. Rest assured that the Resistance Movement knows who those people are, their actions are being monitored and they will not be allowed to take advantage of the situation.
Until a certain degree of awareness on the planet is reached, the Resistance Movement will be working behind the scenes for the benefit of humanity. At a certain point, most likely not long before the First Contact with the positive extraterrestrials, they will make themselves public.
They have created a fund of 120 trillion dollars, which will be given to humanity along with other prosperity packages. They are in possession of very advanced technologies, mostly of extraterrestrial origin. They will provide some background assistance in putting forth 6000 inventions that were developed by geniuses around the world and then suppressed by the Cabal. After that, they will introduce some of their own technologies that are even more advanced".

'The Event' is not 3D Earth Revolution-It is Divine Intervention for Overnight Change to truly begin the Golden Age of Gaia.

The details that Cobra has given us here at the top of this page are an exact description of the Order of Things when the Event happens.
This will not be a 3D Earth type Revolution where there are risks taken to innocent people’s lives. For this reason and this reason only- that there be a peaceful transition from The old 3D reality to a New World overnight – that demands the type of precision that only The Godhead Him/Herself can decide upon.
It is time now for everyone on this planet to understand that this future Golden Age coming into being is NOT in the hands of some mad people who might make wrong decisions that might lead to bloodshed.
Like Archangel Michael said on ‘An Hour with an Angel’ on the 22nd January 2013. “This is the beginning of a new chapter, but it is not a day of revolution.” We must now stop all the speculating regarding the figures in positions of power here on our planet right now and as to whether or not they might do this or that. It does not matter what they might try to do or not do, for this is in the hands of very capable Spiritual Beings, part of the Oneness like the rest of us. AAM said, "You are talking about the old paradigm
of revolution, of the potential for bloody upheaval for armed massacre. That is not the way of the 5th Dimension, and it is certainly not the way of the 7th Dimension." He went on to say “Are there plans to correct some of the political, economic, and social injustices, inequities? YES.” “The most significant piece of creating Nova Earth is the letting go – that you are doing - and have done - and have been doing - of the false illusions that were created over eons by the human race. So all of these tendencies…and I have to say the letting go of war - and that is war within, it is war between individuals, and it is war within communities and nations-that is critical.” Archangel Michael then asked us to use our swords another way. “Long ago, I gave you my sword and shield, and you have used these in a multitude of ways. But it is also useful to simply use it to disconnect, to cut cords to old beliefs, to old pains, old hurts, and old injuries. And I Am pleased during this time together, this night and every night, to assist you in this undertaking.”
So to sum up at this point, I just need you who might read this, to understand perfectly, that this coming ‘Event’ will NOT be a bloody revolution but it will be – on the day that the Source decides- a 24 hour day, in which the entire world are informed as to there now being, Peace on Earth, and a return to Paradise on Earth, and then we will all need, all the help we can get, from all the marvellous people worldwide, working in every area under the sun to use their unique talents to give to the whole, to truly create Nova Earth-together.
So right now we should all be preparing everyone we know, for the day their talents are going to be used for something else other than trying to make ends meet etc. This is not in the hands of any one politician’s moves or decisions anywhere – so let’s stop wasting our energy on all of the speculation of this kind-also let us stop focusing our attention on the USA as if it were the only place on this planet of any importance.
The Plan for ‘The Event’.
There has always been a plan. The Light Resistance movement has been steadily working towards the manifestation of ‘The Event’. They have known there was a way to ‘hack the Matrix’ {=the Computer program that keeps us prisoners in an artificial reality}, Now we know as I write this article on the 3/02/2013 that finally the Matrix has collapsed and it will now only be a question of time, the time for the perfect moment to Initiate ‘The Event’. The increased Light is now bringing to the surface everything, on all kinds of levels that need to be transformed. Because the Matrix has now collapsed this light is now increasing daily and change is imminent. Gradually day by day the 'matrix' is disintergrating. The astral and etheric planes are not yet perfect. We need to use the protection of the White Light when negative things we do not have control over bombard us.
A couple of examples of the Light bringing forth the truth is the amazing bravery of the MP Louis Laurent, and his amazing 13 minute talk in the Belgian Parliament earlier this week. You can read his speech word for word by going to the link on my Introduction page. There are hundreds if not thousands of examples of this worldwide now; another is David Willcock whose Financial Tyranny exposure - the truth about all the gold etc. on this planet, has now been shown to over 120 Million people this week in Russia. As I write now it has probably already been translated to English? David was told not to tell about the TV program until it had been shown, as he has known about this for about 6 weeks. There is a link to his article on my Facebook Page. {Therese Zumi Sumner}
What is meant by the 'Event Flash' is exactly that - a Flash of Divine energy from the Source, which passes through the Central Sun, and then will be received by the Galactic Confederation {especially Pleiadians} who will in turn give the intelligence to Lightworkers within The Light Resistance Movement. On the receiving of the information the LRM – some 300 Operatives, will make contact with the dark forces to see if they are willing to cooperate. If they are not willing to cooperate they will not be included.
All of this will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes!
There will be no announcement. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone not in least to the Cabal. This can happen at any time. When it does we will feel a strong energy.
In the past 25,000 years we have been inside an energetic black hole, a space time anomaly because of the activities of dark forces. 2012 marked the year that WE EXITED THIS BLACK HOLE. The moment you exit the black hole, that is known as the, Event Horizon. This is happening right now. We have forgotten what the Light is. It is so much more brilliant and exciting. WE ARE IN THE EVENT HORIZON NOW.
The Planetary Light-body Activation. The Light Resistance Movement has been working steadily and continuously taking back the vortex’s week after week around the planet. At each of the Cobra conferences there have been successful Vortex meditations. Many people are helping with this process worldwide. The moment when the whole energy grid is ready we will be ready for ‘The Event’ Flash.
In the early hours and days of the Event, there will not be any outside sources to tell you what to do; this will be a time when you must listen to your true heart feelings and Intuition. You will have to ‘know’ what to do. Rely upon yourself. There will be many who react with fear and confusion. You will be a pillar of strength to these people. Rely upon your discernment which will be needed in this time of change. Advice to Lightworkers is simply.

The Negative groups of people involving - Jesuits, Rothschild's, Rockefellers' and Illuminati about 1 - 2000, people will all be removed after 'The Event'.
The dark forces will be captured and taken from power. After the Event, members of the Cabal will be taken to prisons with zero contact with the outer world whatsoever and will be isolated from each other. An Adjudication process will then start and this will involve humanity as a whole. It will be a mass catharsis and dramatic healing process for humanity to see these criminals finally being held accountable for their actions. Most members of the Cabal are sociopaths = not capable of the positive emotions and responses, that make us human.
Humanity as a whole will decide what will happen to those individuals so that new balance is created. Amnesty will be granted to some of them. Most of them will be taken to the central sun to be recycled. For more details as to how the Cabal will be dealt with after the Event go to the text with the title ‘Removing the Cabal’ by pressing the following link to Cobra’s article on Portal 2012. You find it in the May 2012 archive. The link is found here.
Mass arrests of the Cabal are not merely a physical operation. So many Lightworkers {and definitely understandable for some who have been working day and night for this now for many years,} have been feeling frustration over the ‘delays’ as one might express it, time and time again. Yet there has never been a date given for 'The Event' and several months before December 21st 2012 Cobra informed us that the 21/12 would not be ‘The Event’ date. The delay in ‘The Event’ coming into being is because Spiritual support from Above, Below {Inner Earth evolved Society etc.} and not in least here on the surface, has been necessary, and is now necessary so that when the mass arrests happen human masses will not panic.
At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states.

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.
The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.
The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.
The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”
We know now that this is so close because Cobra informed us only days ago that the Matrix has collapsed. So any Lightworker can now speed things up with their continued effort in daily meditation to ‘see’ and support the Light Forces on the etheric, astral planes leading the dark entities there to the Light.
Vortex meditations worldwide, have. in conjunction with our Galactic Family ships hovering above created a positive enegy grid. This has been further balanced and strenghtened by the placing of precious crystals at specific ley line positions.
In the first couple of hours of the Event the Galactic forces will take over the satellite and communication stations, and you will receive intelligence as to what is happening around the globe. The TV will be in the control of The Light Resistance Movement and there will be announcements made. The LRM has infiltrated 300 Operatives inside the Illuminati network mostly in top positions in the military and the intelligence agencies. These people are undetectable and the Illuminati have no idea where they are.
The Resistance movement have constant physical {not telepathic} contact with the Pleiadians and other positive ET races within the Confederation, which give them daily intelligence about every Cabal member, where they are, what they do, even what they think. The Illuminati now have nowhere to hide. Disclosure will involve the release of classified documents. 95 % of these will be released quickly. This will be a great shock to many, but after the initial chock reactions they will be very glad.
For detailed information about 'Disclosure' and 'First Contact' go 'The Event' 2 page. {link at bottom of this one}
At the time of 'The Event' there is an initial contact group of Lightworkers who will be contacted first. They will be offered the choice of doing something specific, and will have the possibility of deciding against that if they choose. If so someone else will be contacted. Later anyone might get contacted. People drawn to the Cobra conferences worldwide are potential contact persons for this happening.
The First 3-7 days Max
In the first few hours of 'The Event' the Galactic forces will take over the satellites and communication stations. You will be able to receive intelligence as to what is going on around the planet. The Resistance Movement will activate a virus and enter a code into the computer program that is the Rothschild’s Financial System. This has of course already been tested by removing a couple of billion dollars ‘for fun’. So they know that this will work. This virus will shut down the main frame accounts. Credit cards will not work. The banks will close.
There will be no way to transfer money at this time. It would be good to have cash, gold and silver coins.
Some stores will remain open. Some stores will accept cash, gold and silver. When banks close, people will have a tendency to panic. There is no need for this panic. People should not throw away money, which they might not be able to use in the first week, because this money will be useful later. There will be a few days of confusion until after the arrests are complete.
Because supermarkets can literally be emptied in the timeframe of 45 minutes after the news gets out, you would be wise to have at all times from now on food available to last you from 3 to 7 days max. A tank full of gas is probably sufficient unless you know personally that you will need to have more in reserve. A week’s supply of everything is all we need to be concerned about. Just be sure you have food and water for these days.
Within a few days there will be a new financial system put into place. Eventually the gold that has been taken by the cabal will be returned to humanity. The Cabal don’t even have real gold, they manufacture Tungsten gold {only outer layer is real gold}. We believe in their illusion and that’s why it works. It costs two cents to make a 100$ bill! When the new system is in place it will be gold backed currency. The new financial system is gold-backed.
After 'The Event' there will be a re-evaluation. It will be a time of transition for us all. Everyone will have the basics for everything they need.
There are numerous Divine Ascended Masters and Arch-Angels involved with these changes and supporting humanity through all of this. See bottom of this page. But right here I would like to mention One of them. Commander Ashtar is His name. His last incarnation on Earth was 25000 years ago. His main project is the Ascension of Humanity. Another of Ashtar’s projects is First Contact {with our Galactic Family} which I will also write about in the coming weeks. Another of His projects is training in telepathic communication. At 'The Event' He can take over the media. All the TV programs will be broadcasting the message.
No More Homeless People.
After 'The Event' there will no longer be any homeless people. Homes will be opened up for everyone who is in need of one.
The new financial system will be a fair and balanced ‘spiritual’ finance system. Half of your money has been going to the Cabal one way or another. The Rothschild’s system is a computer program. In June of 2012 the Light Resistance Movement broke into the banking system of the Cabal as mentioned earlier. The Cabal has a Windows operating system which has ‘a back door’ to control all financial transactions. The Cabal knows exactly how money flows. At 'The Event' there will be a virus activated which will shut down the main frame computers. As mentioned earlier there will be no transfers of money. The mass arrests will be taking place. Banks will close. No credit cards will work so you will need cash. All that Gold that they have looted over so many years will be going back to humanity.
The Yamashita gold that was in the hands of the Illuminati has been seized by the LRM in January and February of 2012. It is now in safe keeping in underground chambers of the Resistance Movement and will be returned to humanity after ‘The Event’, and it will serve as the basis-as a reserve, for a new currency which will mean abundance for everyone.
All the accounts belong to the Cabal will be 'frozen'. All the money they have taken from humanity through fraud will be now used to support humanity.
We will be keeping our present currency initially. There will be re-evaluation. Dinar will not work.
LEGAL: All business agreements that are legal will hold after the event. Common law will be simple and easy to understand.
After the arrest process is over and there has been a re-set, The Federal Reserve and The IRS and BIS will be bankrupt and they will be dismantled. From now on there will only be transparent handling. There will be no 1) Fractional lending. 2) No Interests. And 3) No More Stock Market -it will close never again to open!
Some banks will reopen and things will be transparent. Banks with ties to the Federal Reserve will be dismantled. Everyone will understand clearly what is going on, as we will be informed of the details. For the first few days the money in your bank account will be frozen. If you are Cabal you will be taken.
The first money to be released will be for humanitarian purposes. A Task group will look after this. The Resistance Movement will be guiding and watching and remember they can read your thoughts! Pleiadians track all of our actions and they know who does what.
Companies like Monsanto will be bankrupt. Microsoft has been composed of a Good and a Bad part. The Good part of it will be restructured. Some 600-800 Bankers are ‘retiring’. They have no choice they have been forced to retire or else be arrested. This has been happening now for a year or so. Many sites have posted articles about all the retiring bankers worldwide-the majority of these have been in the highest positions.
There were plans already many years ago for NESARA {a detailed re-set of the financial system}. The reason it never happened was because of 9/11 which understandably was initiated to prevent this new and better financial system from coming into existence.
We will have new governments worldwide. After ‘The Event’ we will have new parliaments worldwide. We will all meet up at the United Nations {which right now is still in the control of the Cabal.} This will be broadcast on the mass media. Humanity will be under Spiritual Guidance. Certain places on the planet are being prepared to be Cities of Light.
Regarding the United States Congress it is not a part of the Cabal. The majority of those in Congress have either been bought or blackmailed. The old political system will be closed on the day of re-set. It would not be much of a spiritual hierarchy as a true parliament should be. The Resistance will help, but they do not want to participate. The new Governments worldwide will be much faster and more effective in their decision making.
Tax in the future.
The only Tax in the future will be a 14% tax on new items. Those working within the tax authorities will be unemployed. {Though there will be so many other ‘fun’ things for them to do.}
100,000$ FOR EVERYONE.
The financial reset will not make everyone sudden millionaires. The total real value of all collateral accounts is between 500-1000 Trillion $. This means about 100,000$ will be given to each person. There will of course be individual negotiations for each person, as some who have debt, will have to pay the debt from this sum. The Cabal will of course not receive any money whatsoever. You should be able to buy a house for 10,000$. You will not need to have concern about health issues costing you money. There will be enough for everyone to have proper housing, food and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, but not enough to spend the rest of your days sipping cocktails by the pool.
Some debt will be forgiven, cancelled out, for example house debt. Country debt will be forgiven. Mortgage debt will be cancelled. Retirement accounts, Health insurance, and Social Security will be arranged.
Lightworkers will be compensated for their work. They will no longer have money concerns or lack of resources in their lives.

Mind Controlled People.
After 'The Event' no mind controlled person will have power. They will need healing. An example of this would be President Obama who has been subjected to mind control since childhood. After his mind control has been removed he will be working for the Light. He may resume a powerful position after being healed. 50 % of the Illuminati are simply people who have had the misfortune to be born into these families and not dared to go against family tradition-rule etc. They will be offered healing from their mind control after the Event. There might be some totally new people on the scene.
Archangel Michael said on “An hour with an Angel” recently that President Obama is very much indeed still the President despite much speculation to the contrary. [TZ here next four sentences } I think anyone with a bit of imagination can clearly understand what an enormous role he is playing. He is a Light person who has been prepared for this role in our times. Whether or not the OPPT have another person sworn in here to this position on some official ‘whatever’ or not is pointless in wasting our time discussing. When ‘The Event’ happens President Obama will be in need of a well - deserved rest from all of the trials he has been subjected to, could be he would prefer to do something else {not quite so demanding} after ‘The Event’?
At the time of 'The Event' there is a possibility of some social unrest in various places around the world. These will just be isolated cases according to Cobra. The Positive Military is the most powerful positive group on the surface of our planet. They have developed their plans with the assistance of the LRM: The Resistance Movement will back up the military, mainly only with intelligence data about the Illuminati and some logistic advice, but they will mostly stay behind the scenes. The Positive military in the USA, Russia and China, will be cooperating in 'The Event'. They have clear knowledge since way back as to what their role is in this. They will absolutely not be using weapons. There will be a certain number of Galactic family members involved and they will have the support of ‘weapons’ {for want of a better word} which can freeze people temporarily. {You may have seen this in the movies- like ‘men in black’}. The military and police forces will help out in a positive way.
Police Force Restructured
During 'The Event' the military will back up the civilian authority {in the USA for example through the federal marshals and worldwide through Interpol}, which will back up local law enforcement to arrest the members of the Cabal.
After 'The Event' the police force will be restructured. Their role will now be another role in serving humanity.
People in Prison.
Most of the people in the prison systems will be released. Some of these will receive psychological help. Tyrants will not be tolerated in our new world.
New Advanced Health System
There will be a more advanced health system introduced. Most diseases can already be cured. This information has been prevented from reaching us through the evil workings of the Cabal and the many multinational pharmaceutical companies who have been working for them. Health care will be free. Healing modalities will become more efficient and be based on true spiritual principles. And this will only be the beginning.
For your health now make sure you are consuming plenty of water daily and that it is as pure as possible. As we are all different, something that Ayurveda explains very well, it is not necessary for everyone to consume an exact amount, it will vary and be somewhere between one and two litres daily. If you would like to start the process of detoxification of your body, then it might be of use to know that good quality colloidal silver helps to eliminate toxins. Any way that you can improve the quality of your food intake etc. is important as this is the way you will receive more Light.
DO NOT GET VACCINATED. See Rothschild faction further down this page and the page 'Dark Truths'.
The drug trade is CIA – Cabal operated. This will be changed.
New Projects of Every Kind Worldwide.
There are many amazing projects worldwide devoted to ‘fixing the world’ like the one of the same name. There are websites devoted to this, the one that comes to mind is ‘Reality Sandwich’ where people of all walks of life ‘gather’ to discuss the future of technology, engineering, art, business, science, psychology, ecology, multimedia, commons, etc. People with organisational skills will be needed worldwide for all the new projects that will be getting underway IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE after ‘The Event’. What can you contribute? It will be extremely intense after 'The Event' and there will be so many projects needing help. The LRM will coordinate and manifest these projects with us. The sky’s the limit!
New Advanced Technology
The first and foremost new technology to be made available worldwide will be Free Energy. This is already available but immediately after 'The Event' factories will be built to provide this technology.
There will be great changes in transportation. Within months of 'The Event' you will be able to replace the engine of your old car. Why you may wonder – well simply because it can then run on distilled water. Factories will be built fast for this. The 2nd phase will be introducing more advanced cars- levitating cars. The advanced sensors in them will prevent accidents. Keshe technology has already started development of the ‘Flying’ car. This will not be dangerous; on the contrary they will be very safe because the car will brake automatically if it gets too close to another vehicle.
There are many operational working devices that have been prevented in coming to humanity because the Cabal has been controlling their release. Many of these working devices will be immediately maid available to the masses after the Event. All of these new devices will be extremely safe. Everything will be much cheaper to produce, just about everything will be cheaper. Food will be very easy and simple to produce. Prices of nearly everything will go down. The production of energy will be almost free, as will heating and engines. People will not be ‘greedy’ any longer.
The working day will not be any longer than this. People will finally be free to develop their creative potential. They will now also be able to focus on their Spiritual Development. Cobra has earlier said that he thinks most humans will be happy to work for a few hours daily, because they will discover that eternal vacations can be boring. Also work will be so much more rewarding, inspiring and creative as we will no longer be slaves to the Cabal.
Gaia- Our Beloved Mother Planet Purified.
We will with new technology have the ability to clean all of the pollution on Gaia. We will clean all the chemical waste. We will purify our water supply everywhere. We will heal the ECO system. Nuclear power stations will be shut down. Free energy will replace it, and it can be distributed to us using the same system-the same buildings. There will be extensive operations to remove the chemical waste. {This might possibly be an area of work for those who will automatically be unemployed after the Event like Lawyers and Tax people?}There will be ULTRA purification of the ECO system.
A one year cycle will be necessary to replace genetically modified grains etc. Monsanto will be dissolved, all genetically modified seeds will be destroyed. Our food will be better. Also there are enough rare Earth minerals available for all our needs.
Archangel Michael said of Gaia on “An Hour with an Angel“ the other week, “All of this {flooding of the energy from Mother and Father} is continuing, Gaia in her shift, is also flooding you with the sweetness of being alive, of being in your form, that you have never known before. You may have had moments when you were in a pristine forest or by a lake or an ocean or a cave where you felt this moment of pure blissful connection, but now she is flooding you and this is the new norm.”
Products from the Oil Industry.
The oil producing people and factories have all kinds of materials available. There will be a redirection of planning immediately.
The Animals on Gaia
There will be a general rise in consciousness after ‘The Event’. This will precipitate an awareness of the sacredness of all life which will come to affect the way we look upon our animals living here with us. There will be 0% tolerance to pain to animals regarding food production. Animals will be treated differently and they will be provided with much better food.
It was the Jesuits who started the original education program and with that introduced their mind control. As I write this I can hear the song ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd ringing in my ears. The Jesuits school program was pure brainwashing. We must unlearn what we have learned. The vast majority of what we have received is not true. We are going beyond our old programming. The Jesuits created a sophisticated mind control through their universities. Spiritual ideas such as guilt, fear, are all part of Jesuit mind control. Both physical and non physical archons cooperated to this effect.
There will be no more horror movies. After 'The Event' most of the movies made will be very positive.
Education will be totally transformed. It will be much more fun and much more holistic. I told my grandson 18 MThs’ ago that we would soon have ‘Harry Potter’ type schools here, and so I bought him and my granddaughter books about symbolism so they could get started. Michael Tsarion has asked of us that we reclaim all of the beautiful symbolism to its rightful use - that has been misused and sullied by the Dark Ones.
The True History of our Planet
We will start to learn the true history about our planet, via the media, in the early days of 'The Event'. I plan to write an article shortly on this page with some of that information in the near future.
A Timeline is a possible future outcome of a situation on our planet. It is a definition for a potential future of a particular event. Most of the possible future timelines have been collapsing as we have been approaching 'The Event'. I myself read somewhere that all Timelines ended on the 21/12/2012, which I understand now not to be the case, but that it is ‘The Event’ that is the defining factor for the end of multiple possible future timelines. Up until the 11/11/11 we still had possible negative future timelines-but they all collapsed then, and from that date there is the certainty of a positive outcome for our planet.
Our perception of time itself will change with the expansion of consciousness.
Introduction of Replicators.
Replicators will be available after ‘First Contact’. These devices will need spiritual maturity. This will be the point in our new development where money will become obsolete. The Arc of the Covenant which is an ancient replicator has been in the hands of the Cabal. Now the Cabal no longer have it. It was hidden in a tunnel and transported underground to the Resistance Movement.
Ps The Cabal are confined to the USA or Europe. They cannot move freely.
After ‘The Event’, after the mass arrests, there will be SUCH A BRAKTHROUGH FOR HUMANITY. Now we can finally begin to make our own destiny here without the oppression and control of those who were never actually invited here in the first place.
Ascension – now the real Ascension Time Period will be here.
At-during 'The Event' spiritual growth will be easier and people will start going to the 5th dimension. {If you are not familiar with this area see my ‘About Ascension’ Page}. We are now being flooded by the new Energy that started two months ago and will continue for some time, this energy that will awaken us more and more to who we truly are. Archangel Michael addressed the many complaints from people saying “Lord, I do not feel any different. I do not look different.” And He said on January 28th this year “What I suggest to you is that you take a moment with me, with all of us {Council of Love = Ascended Masters and Archangels Etc.} to reflect back, not to bring it into your being, but simply to reflect back on where you were, what you were thinking, what you were feeling one year ago, four years ago, ten years ago, and not only be the witness and the observer, but truly see where you have been, the growth that you have chosen, not simply has been bestowed upon you. You continue, you know, to be flooded by the energies of the Mother and Father.”
For those ready to ascend at 'The Event' should understand that there are no limits to maintaining your body in the 5th Dimension. There will be many chances to either stay with Gaia in her Ascension process or go elsewhere to a 3D experience. It is impossible to go back and Cobra said he could not speak of the 'cut off' point at this time. There is going to be an enormous spiritual awakening at the time of 'The Event'. At this time people will have many memories returning to them, memories of contacts with their Galactic Family etc that they have not remebered because it would have put them in danger.
True information on spiritual matters will be released immediately. People will be given spiritual education. Cities of Light as also smaller communities of Light are being prepared in certain places around the planet.
Humanity will be under Spiritual Guidance. People will be prepared for Ascension both on an individual and on a mass basis.
For more details on this go to the text 'The Real Ascension to 5D' on 'Cobra School' page.
Someone Asked in LA.
Someone asked Cobra if this time in our history is just part of a cycle - meaning will we be here again at another time in the future? Cobra said “No this will never never happen again. We learned the lesson.” “Evolution goes forward, never backwards in reincarnation. We never go back. Golden Ages disappear, but this Golden Age will last forever because we are ending duality”.
Cobra said in LA:
He told us that he was Told not to plan anything after 21/12/2012. The focus of the next conferences worldwide would be about how to change our world. This would be after ‘The Event’. Here I will let you add the dots all by yourself!
The Order of Things {The Series of Events within 'The Event'}
After ‘The Event’ things will follow in a certain order. *) We will have a new fair and balanced financial system. *) There will be a release of the true history of our planet. *) There will be release of new technologies especially free energy. *) There will be a new Ascension – quantum leap for humanity. *) There will be an interim Temporary Government. *) Then there will be elections. *) Then we will be gradually prepared for 'First Contact' with our Galactic Family.*) The first contacts we have will be with the Pleiadians. *) Then there will be official 'First Contact'. *) Later there will be Mass Landings. *) Later still Ascended Masters will appear.
Someone in LA wondered if there would not be resistance even to the good coming in, regarding the government structure etc. Cobra replied “People all over this planet are just waiting to know the truth and all the satellites and the media will be in control of The Resistance Movement, and people will very quickly come to know the whole truth, of what has really been going on here on this planet for thousands of years. There will be droves of testimonies coming forward via the TV news.
This is NOT about another mind program. Listen to your heart, check with your own higher self how this works for you. Open your mind. Truth will remain. True happiness and true light doesn’t need anything to define itself. There will be eternal happiness in Paradise when the ‘veil’ is lifted. This is a natural right in the Universe. We have almost forgotten.
This is one of the most special and unique times in history. The Time of 'Victory of The Light'.
The increased intensity that we feel regarding everything, is a sign that things are moving faster and faster, that we are approaching 'The Event'.
Lightworkers worldwide are tired and somewhat disappointed that 'nothing happened' after all they had been promised on 21/12/12.
The following has to be understood.
As long as the Matrix - the programmed veil around this planet was in place, as long as it was full of archon and reptilian and other entities who were doing their utmost to affect our consciousness, major overnight change on this planet would not be as a harmonious an event as it could be.
Unfortunately much of the channelling done over the recent years has not always come from the Galactics, or Masters or whoever was supposedly being channelled. The reason for this being, that astral entities were affecting channels, and purposely misleading them.
THE MATRIX HAS NOW COLLAPSED. Initially many of the entities there came down to the layer closest to Earth. This layer is approx. 100 metres above and 100 m below the surface.
This area is now day by day being cleared by the LRM and by the work of people meditating worldwide, contributing to the cleansing of these entities in towns and cities all over the globe. Some Lightworkers are out in the ‘field’ doing this cleansing work.
There is now so much more light getting through to us since the collapse of the Matrix and yet as long as the surface 200 metres is still partly occupied by dark entities. The Resistance Movement will not take the chance of starting any operation, that could potentially be a disaster, because people would panic and not be prepared, because the dark ones could spread fear to them etc.

The Light Resistance Movement does not want this risk. So NO DATES WILL BE GIVEN. When the old negative grid is gone, and a new fresh Light Grid is in place, then the rising light energy will quickly bring more people to an awake state. Many more people.

It is better that we all have patience and as Lightworkers keep ourselves busy on our 'work'. When we do this we will not have the time to feel that 'nothing is happening'. If you do not have something specific to do then you can devote time daily to support the cleansing of the grid by the Angelics.

The clearer everything is energy wise around and below surface Gaia, the quicker 'The Event' can take place without the risks of people panicking. The LRM have worked so hard for so long on this plan, they are perfectionists in the truest meaning of the word. They do not like half measures.
What Will Be Will Be.
This last paragraph is my interpretation of an interview with Cobra by Maarten Horst of ET – First Contact Radio on January 31st 2013.
Archangel Michael would like to Sum Up.
Regarding our desire to start creating Nova Earth now, Archangel Michael said. “That desire to see the reflection of what is truly within you in an external, large, grand manner, is becoming almost a drive, not a compulsion, but an instinctual drive. It is as if you are seeking true North and you have a compass set and you are not veering off course.
It matters not what you call yourselves, whether it is wayshowers or pillars or gatekeepers or lightholders or loveholders. You are the creator race and you step into the fullness of that role. It is not something new. If anything, it is something ancient. It is that closing of the circle and the beginning of the new.
I invite you, I hold out My arms to you as do all the Mighty Ones {Archangels}, all the Ascended Masters. The Divine Mother, the Company of Heaven, We hold out Our arms to you and say. Please join with Us now in partnership.”

Thank you to Cobra for the information and to my beloved Mentor Archangel Michael.
Many thanks to my roommate DaNell Glade for great complementary notes.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 04/02/2103 1633

The following articles will be coming shortly. 1) The Light Resistance Movement. 2) Your 'Mission' ( as Lightworker) 2) First Contact with our Galactic Family. 3) The True History of our Planet {short}.

Holding us hostage. These are the groups, the controlling forces holding us hostage on this beautiful planet. They create violence and pain worldwide and we pay the price. If the Light Resistance Movement on any level intervenes too much they retaliate and we pay. When the 'net' and the surface is 'cleared' intervention can take place harmoniously.
¤The Jesuit Faction. Mostly found in the Vatican. Their ‘work’ is mind control – the control of the people. They have the religious indoctrination of sin and hell, and are behind many operations to control populations. They have controlled education.
¤ The Rothschild Faction. They manage the money for the Jesuits. This Cabal faction has totally infiltrated modern medicine; one example is vaccinations. We have been genetically altered through vaccines. The idea behind the Rothschild idea of medicine is to keep us all as working slaves. There are cures and healing for everything. This will all be released and balanced very soon.
The W.H.O. which is Rothschild based, developed vaccinations in the Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Between the years 1945 and 2010 we received those ‘biochips’ implanted there {if we were vaccinated}. Their function was to cut out conscious ability and make us zombie like. The Resistance Movement have now cleared these chips. TZ speaking here, I remember discussing with friends in 1989 how we would never agree to having chips implanted by any authorities. But they were in vaccinations as far back as above dates, plus we all carried bank cards and mobiles etc. so they had no problem keeping tabs on us. I will add here that the resistance movement has managed to clear out 95% of the sex trade worldwide.
¤ The Rockefeller Faction. 1-2000 people involved in Medicine, Science, Nazis and Technology. And that reminds me {TZS} of a million things like the real reason behind vaccinations but i also recall the following.
Fluoridation of our water supply has forcibly medicated an entire population with a carcinogenic chemical drug. According to 'The Lancet' Fluoride is a neurotoxic substance that causes the brain severe damage, and interferes with brain function. According to Harvard there is a definite link between fluoride levels and IQ levels. They have identified a link to bone cancer where the highest rates occur in populations drinking fluoridated water. The same findings as Governmwent studies going back to 1990, showing also how it causes kidney damage and impairs Tyroid function.
Therese Zumi recalls on learning about this in the 80s and remembering Mrs Thatcher speaking to the people of Northern Ireland and congratulating them on the introduction of Fluoride to their water system. Telling them how good it would be for the childrens bones and teeth, and I knew then that the main reason for this was to 'pacify' the population and reduce the problems Britain was encountering in the 'North'. Makes me want to puke.
¤ Archons. Their energy field is not human. They are not Reptilian. The few left in physical bodies are to be found among black nobility families in Italy, some among politicians, some in the Vatican.
¤ Reptilians. They are the minions of the Archons. They put pressure on people’s weak spots, working to encourage people to drink more, fear more etc. We should all protect ourselves with White Light and ask for support with clearing these energies. See article ‘Healing Our-self Healing our World’ on the ‘Cobra School’ page where you can find links to people working idealistically to clear energies. Cobra said that most provocations are not part of our own process. The Reptilians can be found both on the Physical and the Astral plane. As I write this on February 14th! my feeling is that they will soon be history, as the LRM are working daily clearing out these entities. {See article ‘The Veil that hides the Truth’}
¤ Blobs. These are Amoeba like - sea-horse like - entities floating in astral space. They do what they are told to do. They connect to human fields and controll emotions. Their job is to create conflict among people especially any warm feelings between couples etc. We have the power within ourselves to reject these emotions with our will.
PS The Cabal had very advanced plans to fake an alien invasion to scare the shit out of us. These plans have all been ‘cleared' by the Resistance.
Source of information Cobra.
Information written by Therese Zumi 20/02/2013
Alexandra {Galactic Connection} asked Cobra if he agreed with some of the Internet ‘news’ coming out that there are different ET factions per continent on the planet? His reply was as follows; “In the Cabal yes. You have the Rothschild’s faction which is the Orion. I would say the Orion forces. You have the Rockefeller faction, which is more the Draconians. Then there is the Jesuit faction, which is a mixture of Andromedans and Reptilians. Alexandra wondered if they were basically ‘headquartered’ in various parts of the world. “Oh yes!” replied Cobra, “the Rothschild’s mostly control Europe. The Rockefellers mostly control the USA. Then you have the Jesuits who control the rest of the world.
Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 01/03/2013 1140am
The Light Resistance Movement
The Resistance Movement here on Earth is connected to a much larger confederation of Galactic beings. One could say that the Resistance Movement along with the Pleiadians is a faction within a confederation known under the name The Guardian Alliance. Cobra describes this group as a loose confederation of positive races inside of this galaxy that have different names. He points out that the important thing here is NOT the name, but the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of positive ET races that have reached a certain point in their evolution and these races have at this point – no more need for negativity. They have created a loose confederation.
At this point in this information piece I Therese Zumi would like to point out that all of the information here comes either, from my meeting with Cobra in LA in November of 2012, or from various interviews with him especially his interview with Alexandra Meadors last July 2012 - see info at the end of this piece. Also to save a thousand italics here and there whenever the text reads “I or we” it is Cobra speaking unless otherwise explained.
So the whole purpose now for the Resistance Movements work around our planet is to help to liberate humanity so that humanity can reach the same stage as mentioned above. Cobra has explained {sadly I TZ might add} that this planet is like a cancer cell in a healthy body. The last cancer cell of the galaxy has to be healed. That is why positive ET races have been and are coming here. These are beings in their physical bodies that look like you and me. They look like everyone else on the surface of the planet – but they have origins from elsewhere.
The rest of the universe has been liberated. It is not a coincidence that we are here on this planet says Cobra. This last planet has not been liberated because it was the last stronghold for the Dark Forces.
The most skilled Galactic warriors have incarnated on this planet in the last couple of hundreds of thousands of years. The reason for this is because it was known that this planet was the toughest one – the hardest one to liberate. I would say that the most advanced souls with the highest possible skills have been incarnated here exactly for this purpose.
Cobra explained that there was a certain testing that was done to determine if we were fit to incarnate here or not. He explained that there were actually not many planets in this galaxy with such strong control of the Dark Forces. Earth has been one of the toughest – an enormous challenge due both to the difficulty of liberating the planet along with the difficulty of the vibrational frequency which exists here.
The Resistance Movement was quite weakened by the constant attack of the Cabal in the time period from 1996 to 1999. The reinforcements came from planet X and now they are very very strong. When things were at their worst here the Resistance Movement were as many as 70 million people. Today they are around 20 million as in the last ten years or so, many returned to their homes as things got so much better here.
In the timeframe in between 1996 – 1999 there was a very strong war taking place underground, in underground tunnels. The Cabal was much stronger then. They had many beings infiltrated from other star systems. They had about 10 – 20 million of their representatives in their underground bases. Some reptilians are trapped in human bodies. There are some of these in the Royal Family. George W Bush Junior is one and another was the earlier finance minister of Great Britain Ted Heath. A Lady whose husband was a politician informed David Icke that she had seen him shape-shift to and from his reptilian form at a dinner in London, and what was even stranger was that “nobody blinked an eye”. It had been a great relief to her to meet David Icke and understand that this was not an isolated incidence, and she had not been hallucinating.
Planet X is a planet that orbits our sun in our solar system. it takes 850 years for planet X to circuit the sun. It is in orbit beyond Pluto in an inclined orbit. There were about 500 million people living there in underground cities. The planet was in control of the Cabal. In 1999 the Resistance Movement managed to liberate this planet. It took three weeks to do so. The people there were less programmed than us. In 1993 after they were liberated, 7 million of the inhabitant’s teleported here to Earth and began clearing reptilian bases. Between 1999 and 2003 the underground reptilian and military bases were cleared out. They also cleared out ‘Area 51’. They cleared out all of the black projects. There are no more reptilians walking around in these or any underground bases, nor is there any remaining exotic military technology.
There are 100 Billion Galaxies. 10 – 15 Galaxies were cleared of dark forces we are the last.
The Cabal has also had cloning factories which have also been cleared out. There was at one point a lot of cloning going on. The Cabal had this technology but this is all gone now. They have not been able to clone anyone now for over 5 years. There are no clones of anybody present any longer.
25,000 years ago the vast majority of the Light forces on our planet retreated underground. They developed cities and they are known as Agarthans. They stayed here to maintain balance on Gaia. They have been helping to stabilize the planet, but they did not interfere with the surface population.
In 1975 there was an intelligence agent working for the Light named Michael. At this point I TZ would like to point out that when Cobra arrived on the scene in the spring of 2012 he told us that he was working for someone called Michael – {personally I thought he meant Archangel Michael at the time, but I do believe now that it is another Michael, yet and this is my personal point of view here, I do believe Archangel Michael to be very much involved in all of this}. Michael went into the underground subway system in New York with a group of like-minded. There are secret entrances to the underground system that they know of. There they created the main operation centre of the Light Resistance Movement hundreds and hundreds of feet below the surface of New York City.
Michael came into contact with the Agarthan network and also with the Andromedans, who gave them technology. Already as far back as 1975 they made contact with people in the military for the plans for mass arrests. The original plan was a military coup. People changed this plan. In the years between 1975 and 1990 the resistance brought in computers and the Internet. Cobra has personally seen the work being done back in the 70s to develop the PCs that we use today. They have been provided from interaction with ETs underground, to connect everyone in a global network. Other technologies were introduced to connect to global communication. In 1996 there was a strong invasion of dark forces. The Cabal had many underground reptilian bases. They were close to destroying the Resistance Movement. The Ashtar Command has now taken their space fleet.
In LA Cobra thanked Michael and the Resistance movement for their work and also for his own life. They are waiting for the right time to be introduced to humanity. Cobra has been informed that they will give physical proof of his intelligence information after ‘The Event’.
Beam-up !
The Light forces below ground exist in many cavern systems which are interconnected to each other. They are connected also to the Agarthan** Society network whose cities of Light are connected to each other by high speed trains. The LRM have had a huge role to play in stabilising the situation on our planet and preventing WW3, as also clearing the threat that bio-chemical weapons pose to us.
Regarding the threat of nuclear war the Pleiadian spacecraft have blocked 90% of these weapons. Surface agents within the LRM have done the rest, deactivating these weapons, so they are not possible to activate using technology that is far beyond our understanding of technology. There is 0% risk of nuclear war now.
** The Agarthan society who went underground 25-26000 years ago has not interfered much over the millennia with the surface population. Interfering in our world here on the surface would have been extremely dangerous for them. Yet they have had a huge role to play in stabilising the situation here by projecting loving thoughts up to us. One major underground city is Telos which is under Mt Shasta. Many Ascended Masters materialise in that area. Inner Earth is part of the 5th Dimension. The 5th Dimension is aligned with higher purpose. As Gaia is now anchored in the 5th Dimension we are on our merry way as a planet to being part of this. Yet there are those not at all ready for the 5th Dimension and its vibratory frequency and they will have a choice to exist on a peaceful 3D planet. {See Tolec and the Biospheres on the Bigger Picture Page cont. :}

The Galactic Confederation in conjunction with the Ashtar Command and the various races helping us, are using high technology to hold the acupressure lines or ley lines to allow a harmonious transition. This is a time on Earth when we would have been subjected to geological upheavals. We have been spared these catastrophes so that as many as possible gain light and transfigure to a higher consciousness.

Cobra gave us information on the Galactic Super Wave that one can find much disinformation about on the Internet. He explained that every 25000 years the sun emits energy. This wave of energy started in 1975 and will continue until 2025. This wave is bringing transformation to our planet. The Cabal are well aware that they cannot control the Galaxy. There is nothing in the Universe that can stop the Galactic superwave – it is entirely inevitable. It is very powerful energy but it is soft energy. The more Goddess presence we have on the planet, the more peaceful it can be. {See disinformation below.}
There is much dis-information bouncing around the Internet. Here are some facts Cobra has provided.
¤ Planet X is not coming – it is orbiting the Sun.
¤ Nibiru is disinformation. Nothing is going to come close to our orbit.
¤ The Galactic superwave is bringing the Light. We are right now in the middle of this wave. Without the Galactic ships protecting us as they do, by placing the ships strategically around the Sun it could be destructive. The ships are stabilising the frequency of the sun.
¤ There will not be a 3 day period of darkness at 'The Event'. This information is a part of the Armageddon timeline which has been erased.
¤ It is the galactic pulse that triggers the magnetic polar shift. This is not dangerous. There is a question of two different events here.
Imagine this 'Grail' in Crystal Moldavite with 144,000 facets.
1) The Positive military from the USA, Russia and China who will be behind the scenes providing technology, transport and logistics at ‘The Event’.
2) Templars. Solomon’s Temple. Hidden below Solomon's temple is info re Jesus that could threaten the church. In the past the Knights Templar were all arrested by the Cabal on one single day Friday the 13th {now we know where that came from!}. Only a few continued on, some Templars went to Scotland and started Freemasonry. At that time negative Templars went to Italy and became the Illuminati.
3) White Dragon Society. This is a group of old-ancient Chinese families. The Rothschild’s cut off their power. They want China back. Here there are mixed feelings as some of them want to have a totalitarian China. They are involved in the financial sector fighting for a new financial system. This family also has factories that are developing free energy now. The technology involved will fit into the palm of your hand. Can you imagine what this means.
4) Brotherhood of the Star. These are advanced beings. They work by projecting to the minds of those who are ready, to bring higher ideals of Light to the human population. There are not many of them on Earth. See http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2012/09/brotherhood-of-star-this-blog-post-will.html This posting was made by Cobra on September 5 2012.
5) The Order of the Star. This is a task force of 144000 beings from the time of Atlantis who volunteered to work for the purpose of transforming darkness into light. They keep reincarnating again and again to assist. Each person has a unique set of skills for planetary liberation. After ‘The Event’ there will be great need of healing of humanity which they will take part in. The group is like a complex Mandala with individual forms. The 'Holy Grail' a chalice made of Moldavite is a reflection of this group and has 144,000 polished facets, each which contains a code for souls to be awakened. It is in the safe keeping of the Galactic Federation.
6) A group of 15000 Beings incarnated at the time of Atlantis to help heal the separation. They continue to incarnate again and again to this end. This group includes the Buddha, Christ, Templars and Lightworkers. Some of us belong to this group. When this planet is liberated we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis. The final Paradise on Earth with cities of Light and advanced technology. This is part of the plan. When St Germaine was incarnated as Francis Bacon he talked about this time.
7) The White Hats The person with the code name ’Michael’ that Cobra told us went underground is a White Hat member. He was forced to ‘go underground’ when the Cabal were in pursuit of him. He had a group of agent’s working with him, they also went underground. There are members of the White Hats worldwide. One of them who is well known on the surface is Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin has had numerable attempts made on his life. He was editor in chief for ‘Forbes’ economic magazine for 20 years. Cobra has regular contact with members of this group who work in top positions within financial and administrative positions worldwide supporting the work of the Light Resistance Movement on earth.
8) Lightworkers. People who invoke the Light and work with the Light. The backbone of the resistance Movement.
Andromeda Galaxy
Forces of Light
¤ Galactic Confederation. This group travel interdimensionally throughout the Galaxy. This group is the overseer of evolution on planets. This is a loose union of all positive races that have received LOVE as their natural state. They exist beyond war, polarities and dualities. They only desire to spread Love. There are about 200,000 species in this galaxy. 70% are humanoid. You would not recognise them; there might be some in this room! {LA Cobra conf. Nov. 2012} The main group are not present on the surface of the planet. They are orbiting our planet - cloaked so they can not be detected. Without their intervention we would have been extinct at this point.
¤ Ashtar Command. This is a group within the Galactic Confederation. Their mission is to liberate planet Earth. They have gathered many ships around the Earth literally millions of them. Their ships are from 5 – 10 feet to thousands of feet in diameter. The fleet squadron gather on strategic positions. They are here ready to take action when the time is right. The Cabal organised a strong negative campaign against the Ashtar Command in the 90s doing their utmost to create fear among people who heard their name. Ashtar people were in-planted. Now the Light has returned and the group is stronger.
¤ Pleiadians. Cobra is a Pleiadian incarnate. They contacted him as a child. Cobra wanted to bring Pleiadian technology to Earth and interweave it with ours. Like Dr Fred Bell and ‘our’ Robert Potter he too was in contact with Semjase. The Pleiadians have the closest ties to humanity. They have contacted the surface population many times. Dr Fred Bell was contacted on several occasions by Semjase, and Rob Potter who organised the conference in Laguna Beach and Egypt for Cobra is a contactee who has worked alongside Dr Fred Bell for many years. You can listen to the interview with Robert and Cobra on Coast to Coast Radio in January of this year here on this page. Many Pleiadians were spiritual teachers – or prophets. The Pleiadians said to Cobra that he had to go back to this planet to prevent nuclear war. Each day we are getting closer to ‘The Event’.
¤ Sirians. Some have incarnated here as humans and some as Dolphins and Whales. They are the caretakers of water. They are very aware of their purpose. Most of us involved in New Age interests - most awake beings, are aware of the enormous role our dolphin brothers and sisters have played - are playing on our planet to bring more joy and love and healing, like the healing work worldwide with autistic children.
They hide in the oceans but some get killed. See the beautiful video with Patricia Cori on my Introduction page. This beautiful Lady is a Sirian incarnate and has a website about the Sirians. They also work with balancing of the tectonic plates. They are aware of their purpose.
I {TZ} must take the opportunity at this point to speculate that the amazing author and Nobel Literature Prize winner, Mrs Doris Lessing, may be of Sirian origin, as one of her books is titled ‘The Sirian Experiments’. The first book in her amazing series ‘Canopus In Argos: Archives’ is ‘Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta’. {Shikasta is our own planet – seen during an agonising epoch of its existence, through the eyes of Johor sent here by the powers that have control over this part of the universe}. The second book in this series, read during my studies at Uppsala University in 1983- 84, {see my recommend page cont.; re Doris Lessing} was the one that brought me on a path to the point I am in all of this today.
Other races helping us with our liberation in one way or another are the Andromedans {see the following articles by two Andromedan Representatives, on my ‘The Bigger Picture’ page.} Article 1) Tolec and the Biospheres. 2) Creative Communities. Another race are the Arcturians and there are many more.
Extra Note of Interest.
There are certain places on Earth where Ascended Masters materialise and pay visits to us. One of these places is in the Mount Shasta area.
The entire Universe is gathering to watch your birth at this moment, from a being of separation and fear into a being of unity, oneness and unconditional love.
The Ascended Masters are beings who have liberated themselves. They have taken the cycle of Earth incarnations but are in touch with their own I AM. Throughout the course of human history there have been about 70 who have managed to Ascend. Some of them are:
Sananda is really two beings. Christ, who was Krishna and Jesus Christ. The Christ became enlightened as Krishna. Krishna was Jesus Mentor when he walked the Earth. Jesus Christ was in constant telepathic communication with Krishna and they worked together. The purpose and goal of their ‘union’ was to bring the concept of unconditional Love to Earth. While Jesus was living here he had contact with the Sirians especially, a number of times during his life, as he came from there. Jesus say's, "I am not following you and I am not leading you, I am walking with you. There is room enough for both of us and for many of us, for all of us on this path."
This Ascended Masters purpose is to bring abundance and freedom to humanity. One of His projects is to restore and renew the Mystery Schools. Another is to reform Freemasonry. Another is to bring abundance to humanity. When He lived here on Earth He put his gold and jewels in a bank and it is now worth about ten trillion dollars. The purpose of it is to aid Light Workers. There are two parts to this trust which He has protected, 1) The original part, and 2) the money that has developed from that. That money is blocked by the Cabal. We will receive money after the breakthrough sooner or later. Cobra is working with people to do with this. One of St Germaine’s incarnations was as Sir Francis Bacon.
Born as the son of Shiva and Parvati, Sanat Kumara is the brother of Ganesh. In the Bible Sanat Kumara is known as the Ancient of Days. In the Mayan Tradition Sanat Kumara is the great Quetzalcoatl. He is a Master who blesses and protects those who ardently seek his grace. Sanat Kumara awakens our hearts to remember our true self.
Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos for the Earth and is its primary overseer. He is responsible for the Ascension of the Earth and Venus. He is from Venus and has assisted humanity from the Light Realms perhaps longer than any other master. See *’Breaking through to the other side’, with Sanat Kumara on the page entitled ‘About Ascension’.
This Ascended Masters mission is to bring healing to humanity, both to our physical and to our energy bodies. He is the Master behind all the projects for the new medicine a synthesis of western and natural medicine. His work is the healing of the personality and the connection of the soul.
He say's "now is the time to lovingly care for yourself, to be gentle with yourself and your energies because you may not realise that you have just completed a major cycle of transformation." When you feel in need of healing ask Kuthumi like this.
"Beloved Master Kuthumi, My Beloved Guides, My Beloved Soul and Beloved Creator, I ask that you observe and oversee my current process of awakening, supporting and encouraging my healing at all times".
He works with leaders and decision makers. He has been working inside banking and the mass media. He has a tough job. He has been searching out those of influence that can help while we are still in the Matrix, helping our liberation through telepathic impressions to the masses through the media etc.
The Buddha means ‘The Enlightened or Awakened One’. The Buddha incarnated in the year 500 BC as Prince Gautama Siddhartha.
The Buddha is a transmitter of Cosmic Energy between the Galactic Central Sun and the Ascended Masters. Buddha say's, "The entire Universe is gathering to watch your birth at this moment. Your birth from a being of separation and fear into a being of unity, oneness and unconditonal Love".

Ashtar’s last incarnation was 25000 years ago. He escaped before the quarantine. {See coming piece on our history} His main project is the Ascension of humanity. Another of his projects is ‘First Contact’. A third is training in telepathic communication. At 'The Event' Ashtar will take over the media. All the TV programs will broadcast the message. He helped to develop, the PC and the Internet. His work includes stabilising the Earth Grid – preventing 90-95% of Earth changes. The Tectonic plates are very sensitive. His ships are preventing a Polar shift. The Ashtar Command rescue teams have been involved in some Earthquake catastrophes preventing total disaster. The prevention of nuclear war is his area too. The majority of nuclear weapons were blocked by the Light in February of 2012. In June 2012 the last ones in the hands of the Jesuits were taken over. Now there is 0% chance of nuclear war. This has been a huge step forward. NB This fact is the main reason why Cobra was allowed to come forward at this time. Because of disarmament he can now speak, it was much too dangerous before that. Now their bombs cannot detonate and they will never be able to figure out the reasons why their toys don’t go off.
She is the Twin Flame of Ashtar. She was known as Inanna by the Sumerians, as Astarte by the Greeks, Isis by the Egyptians, Ishtar by the Semites and also as Aphrodite and Venus, all the same being. Her purpose is to bring the Goddess energy back to the planet. The picture is of course merely symbolic as it’s not easy to choose a ‘correct’ one.

Mother Mary was the Mother of Jesus when he incarnated here. Mother Mary tells us “You and the entire Universe of the Creator are being asked to place your trust in the Creator more than ever before. We realise that it is difficult to trust when things seem uncertain and you are unsure, as to what will occur within your Being and reality. With your passing through this ‘Initiation’ you will reap a greater trust in yourself and a stronger bond of connection in the Creator, which will serve you in the next stages of Ascension. Allow yourself to cultivate with tremendous love your trust in yourself and the Creator”.
INVOCATION ‘I call upon my soul to activate and express the purest vibration of love into my entire being and reality on the Earth. I am my soul, I accept the love of my soul, I am ready to emanate and enact the love of my soul on the Earth’.

The Following words are the words of Archangel Michael the first time he spoke to us here on Earth via radio, via the channel called Linda Dillon. Linda works with Steve Beckow on Golden Age of Gaia {earlier 2012 Scenario}. It might seem strange to you to that AAM would want to talk to us like this, yet the entire Council Of Love including many of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Gaia and not in least Divine Mother herself have such a great desire to communicate with us, now as we come closer to becoming One with our Galactic and Spiritual Families in a way we have not been able to for as long as we can remember. This channel Linda Dillon has been chosen for this work with In-Light radio, a long time ago when an agreement was made. I personally find these ‘sessions’ both enlightening and comforting. On many occasions I am moved to tears during the shows which are once a week, and called An Hour with an Angel. I wanted to say a few words to introduce you to AAM and ended up following the very first radio show with him on the 13th December 2011. His words then are just as important still as we get closer and closer to the Changes. The following lines are excerpts and if you would like to read or hear the entire Hour from that date just go the following link, at the bottom of the text.
AAM: Yes I Am Michael, Archangel of Peace, warrior of love, bringer of truth. And I welcome all of my beloved friends this night, this time of unfoldment upon the planet of Earth, Of Terra Gaia, and Nova Earth. Let us begin this way.
This unfoldment that you have been in has been in process for some time. I have given you this. We have travelled together through dark times and through brilliant times, which you often refer to as darkness and light. And so I want you to know this. Everything is in Divine order. We did not simply pick a year in Earth time for this unfoldment, for this plan.
If there is one thing I would ask you to do with me, with the Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love, with your own guides and friends, with your own human circle, it would be to point yourself, steer yourself, aim yourself towards the light. As we start listen with your heart, listen with your flame, and prepare yourself to step forward in peace, in truth, and in the wholeness of who you are.
For each of you are unique and part of this mosaic. Each of you are necessary. That is why you are reading or listening to this. When you are in a new relationship, whether it is with a child or a loved one, a partner or friend, there’s the beginning, and there’s the excitement and the electricity – and a little craziness. And that is what many of you felt on 11/11/11. Now with 12/12/11, feel the relationship maturing, deepening into a sense of trust and knowing that you are genuinely in a partnership.
And in that relationship – with Us, with each other, with yourself – there’s a deeper anchoring of balance and of inter-connectedness to all, to all forms, not just your human collective, to all elementals, to your Star Brothers and Sisters. This is how shift happens. It’s when trust and love are restored. Its when the heart opens enough and is balanced enough to begin to move into living in trust and in beingness. Now I use that term and it does not mean sit still. Often I have asked you find your joy. Remember my friends you live in an infinite ever-expanding universe. That means that the joy the love is also expanding.
So I ask of you, with My sister Gabriel {Archangel Gabriel}, to sit in your heart, to feel My blue flame, and Hers of gold, and allow the joy to penetrate you.
The information about the presence of your Star Brothers and Sisters has been known for a long, long time. But there has been this very strong wave of denial. But now there is an eagerness in the air. The difficulty is the governments who would make such announcements are wondering who is going to be the first. And it’s because of some of the economic ramifications. And let me tell you about the fear with the economy. It’s because when they come, when that announcement is made, or when they simply appear and we say, oh my, we’ve visitors, they know the technology and the science that was required to get here. They have known about these gifts for a long time. When they come the global economy will shift because things that are valued today will assume a different value.

There will be new technology, new uses for resources, new understandings about cleansing the Earth, getting her ready for her journey homeward. Gaia is one of the most diverse, abundant planets anywhere. Yes her purpose is love but she was created so there would not be want or need. So those of you working as bank managers and tellers and middle management, know you are there holding the light! It will come from all kinds of sectors. Because there will be a fresh breeze that blows across the globe.
Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters will appear humanoid. Yes, they might be slightly taller, they may have distinct features, but by and large, because they also have this capacity, they will appear much like the humans that are listening. But let Me suggest to you that should someone from Andromeda be on a mission to another Universe or place, they also have the capability to shape-shift. As do you. You just haven’t realised it.
At this point Steve commented to AAM that he would like to shape-shift younger. And AAM replied. That’s part of the plan. You know, it’s a package deal. And the rejuvenation – that’s another way you can also see who has gone through the portal and gateways, {Ascended}to the fifth, to the seventh. And you can see that they look and begin to look younger and younger. They are being rejuvenated.
{Regarding Barack Obama}. Now in his desire to be conciliatory, in some cases he has not lived up to his potential and to his promise of change. He has been weighed down by the politics, and, yes, seeking the truth and the balance. But he has also been guided, as you all are – but let Us be very clear about this, it’s like a strategy that’s in unfoldment. And yes, there’s much criticism. So We say some of its legitimate.
But then I ask of you – because I spend much time walking those halls – where’s your heart? Do you abandon those you love and cherish so easily, or do you rally behind them and help them, if they’ve lost their way or miss-stepped.? Do you encourage them, as we encourage you, to go forward, to hold that line, to go forward with things that would be in some situations unpopular – such as disclosure, which will happen very soon, by the way:
There are many cities of light that are being activated all over the globe. And these will be places of equality, of compassion – of qualities that have been forgotten. It will be where all thrive and where all are welcome.
You will welcome beings from other worlds. You will share. You will walk with Masters. You will have the wisdom vision. You will see and you will hear and you will not have this belief that has been so engrained as separation.
It was never intended that you would be stuck here, on Earth, with the inability to hear us, or to see us, or to be with us. That is the plan.
It’s a plan that we are all awaiting, that’s well underway. We know sometimes you are tired, and you feel as if you have been run over and defeated. When this happens turn to me. Let us restore you. Let us lift you up and gently remind you who you are. Let us wrap you in the Mothers cloak and cuddle you until you are healed. That is what we are here for, not only to show the way, but to assist and take care of you.
When you look at the sky, see how it shifts and changes. When the announcement comes, as it will, hold the centre of peace. Do not engage in the drama. Be the voice of reason, be the anchor. Go in peace.
Excerpts chosen and reposted by Therese Zumi Sumner supported by Archangel Michael My Boss.
Link to complete text on Golden Age of Gaia. Many thanks to Steve Beckow and Linda Dillon and all the gang at In-Light Radio, for your Loving devotion.
http://goldenageofgaia.com/page/2/?s=archangel Michael transcript from the 13 th December 2011

An Ascended Master can exit and enter a body at will. At a certain point you do not need to be born. You can work with matter.
When we were gathered for the conference in LA at the end of Nov. 2012, we were still as Cobra put it ‘occupied in the matrix of quarantine – the technology based reality created by the Cabal’ which he said was about to crack at any moment. And now it has. The doorway into Oneness is open now. See
‘Short Situation Update’ 22/01/13 on http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2013_01_01_archive.html .
SIGHTINGS WORLDWIDE. We all know that the sightings worldwide are not reported by the Rothschild controlled mainstream media. At all the Cobra conferences worldwide and indeed at other conferences of many of the sites mentioned on this website they have also had 'visitations'. In LA Cobra informed us that there was a space platform above the building we were in about 9 miles up. He told us there were cloaked ships in the canyon. Then several of the attendees gave us their sighting experiences.
The film ‘The Matrix’ was given to Hollywood by the Resistance Movement.
Isis had just finished her afternoon with us, in which Cobra took part. Now as I write these lines I realise it was not Cobra but Isis who ended the conference with these words. { we had all 70 or so persons danced a lot of the afternoon under Isis guidance }.

When I was a girl I was always dancing. It felt very natural. Different Goddess’s entered my body and gave me different energies. Swirling to the left is feminine – to the right masculine. You turn into the spiral. When I first met Cobra he said “I will take you home”.
We dance to accept ourselves as we are, then our body starts to change. A healthy feminine aspect is that we do not compete. You live to your highest potential and you cooperate and support each other. Respect each other. We will all dance the dance of liberation the dance of joy. The new society – the Goddess energy is to respect and support each other.
When you look at another person, look at them with adoration. Learn to adore. Adore Nature adore the Ocean. It is the time for us to learn to adore. Adore another being. See the spark of God and Goddess. Have compassion for another being. If you heal your weakest points you become soft. Experience the tenderness or the extreme power and passion. Learn again the passion and compassion that lives in you, as also the joy of Light and celebration.
Goddess energy is surrendering to the Light. You can dance the Goddess dance anywhere. The Ocean is the emotion of Gaia. Hug a tree. Dance with the leaves of the air. She is everywhere, embracing everywhere, dancing everywhere. Awaken your inner Tarzan or Jane. When a man invites the Goddess energy in, he becomes more masculine. He becomes a gentle, strong respectful man that respects life and women.
Be a strong woman. Stand up to your suppression. It is so important to balance male and female energy. Say your truth with love. Don’t bother with ego. Don’t fight. Stay in your presence of who you are. Speak your truth. Feel it with love. Connect with the eyes of another person. And surrender – you are great! Thank you very much for coming.
Finally Cobra mentioned that he was Told not to plan anything beyond the 21/12/2012. He said that the focus of the next conferences worldwide would be ‘How to change the world’. This would be after ‘The Event’.
Lightning struck the Basilica in Rome a few hours after the Pope resigned.
Signs in the Sky
This information is directly from a posting that Cobra made to-day the 20/02/2103. I have just given the text and removed the links to more information on these various signs. If you want to check out the links just go to Portal 2012 to see the full post.
1) The first sign that appeared was the lightning that stroke the dome of St. Peter's basilica in Rome within hours after the Pope resigned:
2) The second sign was the meteorite that fell near Chelyabinsk in Russia:This meteorite was a natural body, it was not a UFO and there was no involvement of the Cabal in this event.
3) A few hours later on the same day, another completely unrelated cosmic body made a very close approach to Earth:
4) The next sign in the sky is the comet Panstarrs, visible in March: and another comet Lemmon, also visible in March: And towards the end of the year, another spectacular comet will be visible:
All these events are natural cosmic occurrences and are part of the plan for the planetary liberation that is coming directly from the Source. The purpose of all these signs in the sky is to lift the consciousness of the human population beyond the third dimension in order to prepare it for 'The Event' and the coming planetary changes.
Posted by Cobra on the 20/02/2013

We are a shining Light. We will be activated and connected to be ready for when the time comes.
This information is about your mission: about the life that you were meant to live. In a more practical sense it is about what we can do to assist with this change and accelerate this planet. Last year 2012 was a code – a time of completion. Each of us has been preparing for this time for many lifetimes. In each of our lifetimes we have been developing certain specific life experiences. We have made a plan for each incarnation.
We have planned for what unique talents and skills to use at this time, to assist in the planetary liberation process. Higher Beings have an overview of what we do. The planetary Mandela will be activated at the time of ‘The Event’. The awakening process is a plan from Higher Spiritual Beings to begin to utilise the talents for this time. If someone was good in finance, he can be prepared to help with the new financial system. If you are good at healing you will be able to help people heal from all of the past.
All of these different situations, all of them are for a purpose, which is the final ‘push’ for the planetary liberation.
When you were a child you had a dream. You let it be forgotten. Archons know about that plan and block you from manifesting that plan. When you were developing your talents, they, would either harness your talents or use them for the ‘NWO’. If you weren’t convinced they did whatever they could to block your talents.
Do an overview of your life today to see what led you to this moment. You will then have a greater understanding of your life. Remember the dreams you had as a child – this is part of the plan. There has been such very strong programming on this planet so that you would not reach your goals. This has and still does keep the population under control.
It’s not an easy path, but leads towards planetary liberation. You will need to take risks and go beyond your comfort zone. Or you will fall into ‘recycling’ patterns of past lives. If you follow your true soul path you will start getting more and more concrete training.
Yes we can manifest what we desire. We do this by a) imagining it, b) feeling it , c) receiving it. Manifestation does work. This secret is part of the so called ‘secret’ that became a worldwide success in recent years. There are three basic steps. So part 1 is your decision – an act of free will. We are making decisions all the time. What people fail to realise is that if you fail to make a decision, that in itself, is a decision. You have allowed something to happen. Everything in your life is a manifestation of where you have come from. When you make a decision that triggers an electrical current that flows through dimensions.
Now your decision is in process. i.e. You want to manifest a new house. Already it is starting to manifest – even if it takes 10 years! You can stop this after five years and you do not receive the manifestation.
This picture is subject to change at regular intervals.
15 years ago Cobra made a decision for planetary liberation. This has not happened yet.
The Rothschild’s made a plan 200 years ago to control the world. They passed it on from father to son. They are patient. They are completely devoted to their goal. This is why they are resisting.
Our dedication to the Light needs to be even stronger than theirs. This is the main reason that the Light has not been victorious. We have not made decisions strong enough or long enough. We give up. When we had our weekly meditations at 4am there were excuses. We have to be stronger than that. We have to be more dedicated – even if it takes 200 more years! It won’t take that long.
What is the strength of your decision? You have to find the answer each day as to ‘what should I be doing’? You will know very clearly what you are to do here. It will take you out of your comfort zone. There will be miracles as well as obstacles.
The dark will get concerned too. The Jesuits have maybe 20 people. The Rothschild’s have about 10 active people. With us 80 people {in the room in LA} we can have a strong decision. The strength of our decision will determine the strength of our manifestation.
Caduceus Staff
Whatever you want in your life, health, wealth, a loving relationship, what’s important is the strength of what you want. We have so many conflicting inner dialogues. Talk to the different parts of yourself. Unify your decision and sharpen your focus.
Each of us has a key. Embrace the totality of who you are as a whole Being. Do not deny any part of yourself. Integrate them. The more integrated you are the more powerful your decisions will be. You will have your focus. You will be dedicated. You will have passion for that.
Sometimes people make decisions that are not theirs. Go inside and learn what your decision is. You are either living your life or the Cabals life.
LIVE YOUR LIFE! Programming influences you. This is the physics of spirituality. We need to work with our inner spiritual guide – listen – and follow. Understand it a) intellectually b) emotionally c) in our soul. Now we are needing to manifest ‘The Event’ for the whole planet. You are not infringing on free will. You are choosing – or showing the way for many. You are the ones. The owner of a synchronised field is much stronger.
2nd Step in Manifestation.
The 2nd step in manifestation is Feeling it. Be a living example of your manifestation. Whatever you want to manifest have it in your energy field.
3rd Step in Manifestation.
This is the big one! Physical action. You have to take physical steps in the direction you are going. If you want a house, you have to start looking; reading magazines etc. and keep the physical action going.
Joining the Light Forces.
If this is what you want – make that decision. If you want to be chosen – choose yourself. Be active. You will connect with others. When you do constructive things for the Light you will, be noticed. The Resistance Movement is monitoring and you will be contacted. Get active. Pick one of your talents and bring it to perfection. If you don’t know, search within today. Ask those questions. The Universe will provide answers. This is a self training process.
Deprogramming the Masses.
Most people are in the waiting mode – and we need to be more effective. The surface population is ‘the weak link’ we need more people blogging and then reaching the mass-media.
Spread the truth. Words create reality. It is easy to de-program us. Simply start spreading the truth – as much as you understand it. The mind program dissolves automatically. This is not about preaching or converting others – it’s about reaching out to others who are ready. Do not try to make them ready. Saturate the internet with this. We need thousands of blogs saying the same or similar things. Google ‘creating a blog’. When you awaken 1) get information 2) spread it around. We are always on line. Local newspapers and radio stations are less controlled than the big mainstream media. We have to reach the masses. We have the answers. We need to breakthrough. We have been waiting long enough.
The project known as ‘Fixing the World’ needs to be bigger with more support. It needs to be put into production. What can you contribute? Beyond providing ‘intelligence’ we are now becoming active and getting practically involved. There will be many projects worldwide that will need help – especially after ‘The Event’. It will be very intense but it will be worthwhile. We will help to coordinate and manifest. [I.e. the Resistance Movement.}
This text was possible thanks to DaNell Glades amazing notes taken in LA.
DaNell Glade was one of the two beautiful ladies I shared a room with in LA
Posted by Therese Zumi Sumner 22/02/2013 1800pm
This 'Short Planetary History' from Cobra, may be added to in the coming weeks. TZS 23/02/2013
Short Planetary History
About 8 million years ago there was a group of powerfully conscious Archangels. One of them had an idea. He wondered what it would be like to cut himself off from the Source. He wondered what matter would feel like. With His enormously sophisticated Intelligence and using technology of the dimensional chamber along with strong electromagnetic fields, He cut himself away from The Source. Immediately He regretted what He had done. He could not find a way to go back. This was the first moment of darkness.
This Being wanted help so he trapped other Angels and Beings, so as not to be alone, and to try to find a way back. Then they all realised what they had done to themselves and they could not find a way out. They decided to conquer the Universe and so started invading planets and spreading darkness. This was the birth of the dark forces. This was an extremely conflicting era for the Galaxy.
When the Light forces discovered this and realised what had happened, Archangel Michael set a barrier fence around the infected areas so that the darkness could not spread. Other Light Beings created a magnificent Starfleet, the beginning of the Galactic Confederation, to liberate planets under dark forces. This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars.
We have these memories in our subconscious. Some of the producers working in the film-making arena are not creating science fiction but visions of our collective memories, like the Star Wars movies.
6 Astronaut carvings on Cathedral built 1100 years ago.
In the centre of our Galaxy there is the Galactic Central Sun. This is our source of Light. Souls are created there and expand out in all directions. When some beings became aware of Oneness they began creating a Galactic civilisation – a Galactic Brotherhood of Light. They chose to liberate the Galaxy of darkness. Our Galaxy is composed of two spiral vortexes and they contain 100 billion stars. This central Galactic civilisation chose to liberate the Galaxy of darkness. They started sharing and spreading the Light. They liberated one planet after the other, making great advancements. They nearly always won.
25000 years ago all of the darkness fled from most of the Galaxy to our corner. These beings existed both on the physical and the non-physical planes. They had major strongholds in the Orion constellation and on Earth. They took humanity into hostage and created quarantine. No other Spaceships were allowed to land, without their approval. No contact was allowed between the people of earth and other visitors. They threatened the Light forces with nuclear war if they tried to interfere. The Light had to be extremely careful with this planet. We had also to take our free will into consideration. Star Seeds from other planets have incarnated here for intervention and 1st Contact when the time comes.
The critical mass of humanity is for this now. Each of us has a ‘Divine Right’ for this to happen.
The only reason we don’t interfere is because the Cabal get very nervous if we make 1st Contact. Also if people remember having direct contact with their Galactic Family members it can be dangerous for them. So at ‘The Event’ many people will remember things they have forgotten.

The Ascended Masters left the planet 25000, years ago. This was the Atlantean time. Around this time the vast majority of the Light forces retreated underground and developed the underground Agarthan cities and society, to help to maintain balance on our planet.
The Agarthan city Telos lies below Mt Shasta. It is a major underground city. Many Ascended Masters materialise in that area above surface. This inner Earth society is a 5th Dimensional society. Being 5th Dimensional it is aligned with higher purpose.

The Agarthan society networks easily, having high speed trains interconnecting their cities. Some people discovered these openings into the Earth among them the Mayan and Hopi people, as also the Anasazi, Incas and Greeks. Much of the Inca gold is in safekeeping underground, as are much of the Templars and Eldorado treasures.
We are completing that cycle right now. We are at the end. The quarantine will be lifted. The dark forces will be removed and we will join the Galactic Confederation.

The Archons lie behind three invasions of our planet during the timeframe of 5-6000 years ago and up until the present time. They have used their Reptilian minions in these invasions. One must remember that the Archons are not of human origin and the desire has been to create a stronghold here, which they then have successfully maintained up until now.

This invasion was about 6 - 5000, years ago in Russia. The invaders came through a portal. They invaded the peaceful European culture of the time. The goal of this invasion was to destroy the Goddess presence. The results of this invasion at this time lay the ground for the Macho Western Society. These invaders arrived to an area of what we now call Russia, and they continued their invasion moving out in every direction in time, East, West, North East and North West and South east and South West.
This invasion occurred during the last phase of the Roman Empire. The invaders used the same portal as the 1st invaders. Many Reptilians came through this portal. They were called the Barbarians.
Constantine the Great {306 -307} converted to Christianity. All the Roman emperors after Constantine except for Julian were Christians. Typically for the dark rulers he took all the old great wisdom and twisted it around to suit him. He became the ruler of the Roman Empire, and built the new eastern capital of Constantinople. He created the Catholic Cult. He gathered all of the Bishops and priests and all of the military and controlled all of these groups entirely. He then ordered the Khazar invaders {the so called Barbarian tribes} to invade and destroy the Roman Empire. It was at this time that the Catholic Church destroyed all of the Goddess Temples. The archon and reptilian {Khazar} invaders tore down each temple and built archon temples over these sites – with the intention of stifling the energy.***
The Bishop of Milan known as Theodosius the Great {this soul was totally Archon controlled} destroyed all the old mystery schools. He ordered the burning of the Alexandria library and the books were destroyed or put into the Vatican library.
This invasion occurred strangely enough, indeed amazingly enough in our time. This occurred in the year 1996. The dark ones created a portal in Africa in an area which includes the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. This portal came into being by the creation of 12 subterranean nuclear explosions. They teleported huge numbers of Reptilians into this area.
These were then infiltrated into politics and the military and subsequently used in the genocide there. This may all seem very-very strange indeed but it also gives one an understanding of the terrible-terrible genocide that occurred there. It was so unbelievably savage.
THIS PORTAL IS NOW CLOSED. This portal in Africa is now closed but there are a few Reptilians left that are hiding in the jungle. There are also dinosaur sightings!
NB: At the time of the 3rd Archon invasion, microwave technology, cell phone transmission towers were built into all the Churches to facilitate the controll of the evil grid - the Matrix. The real war of the Cabal is being played out on other planes. For a greater understanding of this read my article 'The Veil that hides the Truth' on the 'Cobra School' page.
This was the absolute final, the absolute last invasion of this planet. These dark beings no longer have any nuclear devices that they can detonate as earlier explained.
There is an area in Eastern Europe, earlier known as Czechoslovakia, where a large group of Pleiadains have incarnated. The reason for this is because there has been a larger group of Archons in that area who had major plans to stop the awakening. There are of course connections between these Archons and the horrible genocides committed in the recent wars in this area.

'Knowledge is power' Sir Francis Bacon.
The 1st Atlantis.
The 1st Atlantis was not a physical one. It was the home of the Pleiadian Angels. They were discovering how to explore matter. They were also learning about the different levels of Consciousness, and the unification and merging of the male and female polarities. These angels decided to densify their planet to the physical plane but the planet exploded. Fragments of this planet went in all directions and a few small fragments landed on Earth. These fragments landed in the area of the country earlier known as Czechoslovakia. The stone that is found there and only there is called Moldavite – this is the stone that The Holy Grail is carved from.
The 2nd Atlantis.
This was an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland and Great Britain are a part of the remains of this. The real name of Ireland {Gaelic} is Tir Na Nog. This literally means ‘land of the forever young’. This was about 1 million years ago. That was a true Golden Age. They had very advanced technology in this civilisation.
Then about 900,000 years ago the Orions came here – the dark ones, and they started using their mind implantation technology. The actual machines they used would remind one of dental chairs. They used crystals with electric current into the body to program people. This was the beginning of all mind programming for humankind. They had two major programming programs. The 1st belief system program was to convince people to the belief that we are separate from God, the ‘Fall from Eden’ or Paradise. This separated us from our awareness of our higher consciousness, our ‘I Am’ consciousness.
The 2nd belief system program was to affect a separation between male and female polarities. This was done first on a psychological level and then on a physical level. Women have different psychological programming than men.
Each of us is a soul in a human body. Men are inclined to just use their bodies to grow in consciousness. This originated on the 2nd Atlantis.
Many Pleiadians and Sirians incarnated to Atlantis to heal this separation, having the goal to support the Light. About 16000 years ago a task force known as ‘The Order of the Star’ 144,000 Beings volunteered to incarnate here to heal this separation and integrate the darkness into Light. See Main text of The Light Resistance Movement on the main ‘Event’ page for more information on them.
The 3rd Atlantis
Now when this planet is liberated soon we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis. When Saint Germaine was incarnated here as Sir Fracis Bacon he wrote about this.
Warm thanks to DaNell Glade for complementary notes.
Reposted by Therese Zumi Sumner 23/02/2012 1750pm
Last year 2012 the Resistance Movement told Cobra that he should start a blog. This is something that Cobra had no desire to do until he knew that the Light would be victorious. So the very fact that Portal 2012 came into existence on the 31st March last year is a very good sign. The Resistance said to Cobra “now is the time that the Light forces will win so start a blog now and inform the population so that everyone gets ready”. This is exactly what they said to him. At this point, I would like to point out that the coded messages on Portal 2012 are intended strictly for the Resistance operatives working on the ‘surface’. This is seen as a practical and efficient way to inform everyone at once regarding the most sensitive intelligence.
My take {TZS} on the general situation.
On July 3rd 2012 Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection interviewed Cobra. It was an amazing interview, which of course is still available both on Portal 2012 and above mentioned site. Alexandra asked Cobra “isn’t it true that you are really ultimately waiting for a signal from Source itself? This was Cobra’s reply. “Actually the ideal plan will be like this. There will be a signal from the Source coming through the Pleiadians, coming through the Resistance Movement. Then through the Resistance Movement upwards to the surface, and then they will contact people of the Positive Military and then the ‘Green Light’ will be issued.” So what am I talking about here? There may be those among you who might be thinking well is this not about disclosure and ‘First Contact’?
I say “Yes absolutely” but, ‘First Contact’ will not be happening before ‘The Event’. This is not saying that individuals have not or will not be contacted privately. There is a Divine Plan. There is an ‘order’ to this plan that is perfectly arranged so as to not to create panic or worry for the surface population. Yes there have been all kinds of delays. These delays are due more or less entirely to the surface population’s readiness. Here on the surface we have people with free will that are not perfect. Cobra went on to explain in the above interview that the Resistance has discovered that dealing with the human population is not so easy. Even the Positive Military have their own issues and their own conflicts so it is not easy to guide those people. The Resistance Movement has operatives inside the Positive Military, and so is fully aware of the situation at all times.
Alexandra went on to say “and a lot of egos involved unfortunately?” and Cobra replied “Exactly, also, yes there is a lot of it everywhere. This is one of the main reasons for so many delays on this planet. Actually the Resistance Movement had some problems with the White Dragon Society at the beginning of this year. There were some negotiations and soon it was found out that some people inside the society would just like to grab the money for themselves. I am not speaking of this group as a whole but there are certain individuals inside that group with that motivation.”
Alexandra went on to ask “aren’t we really at a point though, where we have made such strides, we have accomplished so much in eliminating the darkness on this planet. There’s really very little that they can get away with without the Light being aware of their ‘shenanigans’.” {Here Alexandra is giving away the secret of her Irish blood! So for everyone who hasn’t got any, this word means in this case ‘trickery’ or ‘tricks’}.
Cobra replied, “That’s true” {he obviously understands Irish though he’s Pleiadian}, “this is exactly why it is so important to give the information out. Why I am disclosing classified information. It is because people need to know. Now is the time we all need to make choices. I am given exact instructions of what to say and what not to say. And now I am allowed to say much more than I was a few years ago.
Earlier in the interview Alexandra asked Cobra “ok. In your estimation how many ships do you think are actually surrounding the planet right now?” Cobra replied. “Oh, there are millions upon millions but they are cloaked. They are not visible. They have a special protection membrane; which prevents the Cabal form detecting them. But they are everywhere around the planet. Huge Motherships."
At another point in the interview Alexandra pointed out that we cannot build something new off a ‘corrupt to the core system’ and Cobra agreed saying “we cannot dream about Ascension and Mass Landings before we manifest the liberation from this system with mass arrests etc. this needs to be done first so we can start creating anew. We cannot do this in the old system, inside the Matrix. It is not possible. We have to liberate first.”
This interview was nearly 8 months ago. Today the Matrix is collapsed – see main ‘The Event’ text. The new Light grid around our planet is strengthened through hard work from the Resistance Movement and Light individuals working all around the planet on a daily basis. The dark ones are soon to be ‘of the past’. Only Father – Mother Divine Themselves know ‘the hour and the day’ for ‘The Event’. So these are things I wanted to make clear before I continue here with facts from Cobra. {TZS}
Dark forces chose to occupy our planet and take us hostage. They also threatened with nuclear war to hinder the Light forces. This is why the Galactic Confederation including all those working alongside them in the Guardian Alliance and Resistance Movement, have had to be very careful with any contact. As long as the Matrix was in place they had ways of detecting with their computers any sign of ‘too much Light’ {read Starships} getting too close to this planet. The Resistance Movement therefore could not take any risks of a nuclear war being started. Now we know that this problem is over. If you have been reading ‘The Event’ page you will be aware that there is no longer a risk of nuclear war. Yet still these dark ones have chemical weapons they threaten with. Those who are looking after us love us so much that it cannot be defined in human terms. See video on ‘The Event’ page with ‘Little Grandmother’ Keisha Crowther.
Because they Love us so much they are not going to take any unnecessary risks. This must be understood.

The above heading describes the names of two very distinct different things.
The first thing that will happen during the initial weeks? of the time following ‘The Event’ is DISCLOSURE.
This means that there will be a release of classified documents. These documents are government documents about ETs. There will be a restructuring of the CIA and the FBI and these files will be released and go to the public immediately. 95% of them will be immediately released. This is going to be a chock to many people. This we must be aware of. They will eventually be glad that they have found out this information. They will be glad when they understand that they can now accept, that they are part of the cosmos. They will then be able to feel that, in a way they have not been able to so before.
We are now at the convergence point of so many cosmic cycles. The 21/12/2012 was a pinnacle for our arrival at this point in time.
The ‘Doorway into Oneness' is open now. We are at the point where we build the new world. ‘The Event’ will be the end of all the past cycles.
On July 3rd 2012 Alexandra asked Cobra about somebody called ‘Kassivilos’. Seemingly he is suggesting to people to be a bit careful of contact with ETs. He says that we cannot be sure who these ETs are, and he claims that they will capture naïve souls, and that they will prevent these souls from attaining their full Ascension process. “What do you feel about that“, she asked Cobra.
Cobra replied “I have said this many times before, that all negative ETs have been cleared out. There are no ‘Greys’ flying around in UFOs. There are no Reptilians in the Earth, {underground}. They have no mother ships. There are no Reptilian bases anywhere. THIS IS GONE COMPLETELY. “
{TZS here} I would like to say that it is understandable that people would be cautious of, wary of there being negative ETs. In the first place when the Zeta Reticuli race was here they abducted people against their will. Also our film industries have created so many horror movies to frighten people. So I do not see it as strange that we ask these questions at this time. In 1989 I attended a seminar where I learned about these various races. Since then all of my studies and investigations leave me with no doubts about this.
I would say that the Galactic Confederation, along with our extraterrestrial Galactic Family as also the Inner Earth Agarthan Society, have no other ulterior motives regarding the human race than to liberate us from the slavery that we have been subjected to for so long. I am utterly convinced that they love us dearly.
Cobra continued to say
“The only thing that remains is the Cabal. They are actually extraterrestrials, who have invaded this planet many lifetimes ago, and they keep reincarnating in the same positions of power. The only Draconians and Reptilians left are in the political system in human bodies. Apart from this we have the non-physical Archons ‘which’ have also invaded from other planets and are here - like I would say ghosts – on the interdimensional planes and maintaining this quarantine. There are no negative ET forces flying around in their motherships or UFOs. That is gone.”

After ‘the Event’ and after disclosure some individuals will be specifically contacted by the Galactic Confederation. Those persons will have certain spiritual understandings and a property to land a ship on. They will need to have a space of approximately 100 times 100 feet, which is necessary for landing.
A small Pleiadian spaceship will land and they will have a chat and this will be televised. The core group of people involved will have mass media contact and they will speak about their experiences. This first contact will simply be a diplomatic representative one.
Later on after ‘The Event’ we will have a new government. There will be a world governing body and we will meet at the United Nations {which right now is Cabal controlled.} so the 2nd 'First Contact' will be an official one where a spaceship will land beside the UN building. This will be a small ship. There will be a few Pleiadians on board and the meeting with them will be aired live for everyone on the planet.
At this point in time people will be given spiritual education. People will be prepared with the basic Ascension information. This will happen first on an individual basis and later on a mass basis. As already mentioned earlier on these pages certain communities and cities around our planet are being prepared for ‘Cities of Light’. See ‘Creative Communities’ on the Bigger Picture’ page. People will also be provided with the true History of this planet.
There has been a lot of speculation on the Internet regarding the question as to whether everyone will be able to see the ships when they land. It has been suggested that some of the people here would not be able to see them because their vibrational rate would not be high enough? When Alexandra asked Cobra about this last July he said the following;
“That is not true. Actually when the time comes for the Galactic fleet to land, they will land on the physical plane so that everybody will be able to see them. And before this happens, there will be quite a lot of preparation; there will be very much evidence provided for humanity so that the process will not be shocking to most beings.”
Beloved Starseed friends from the Sirian constellation
The ‘Starseeds’ that immediately come to mind are Suzy Star and Tolec, both of them Andromedan Starseeds. This means that they were in their last incarnation living in the Andromeda galaxy. You can read all about their projects i.e. Biospheres and Creative Communities on my Bigger Picture page. Cobra is a Pleiadian Starseed and of course there are Starseeds all over the place in the Light Community. Another Starseed that just came to mind is Patricia Cori, who is a Sirian representative; see her video with the whale on Introduction page.
All of these people incarnated at this time to be part of the intervention for liberation here and to assist us now in our waking up process, as also at the time of ‘The Event’, and ‘First Contact’. Cobra has earlier stated the following, namely that, ‘the most advanced souls with the highest possible skills have incarnated here exactly for this liberation process because Earth is the toughest of all the planets to liberate. The reason for this being, that it has been a stronghold for the dark forces for so-so long. There have not been many planets in this galaxy with such strong control of the dark forces. He told us that a certain testing was done to determine if souls were fit to incarnate here.
Back to Alexandra’s Cobra Interview. Alexandra: “so you mentioned that there would be selected individuals contacted by the Pleiadians at the time of the mass landings? Cobra replied: “They will be contacted before the mass landings after ‘The Event’. The Pleiadians will start the program of contacting certain individuals in certain groups. Then those groups will go to the mass media.
This will prepare humanity for the reality of extraterrestrial life, because people will have physical proof. And then more and more people will become ‘visible’ up to the point where humanity is ready for the mass landings.
Before the mass landings happen, there will be an official diplomatic contact between the representatives of the Pleiadian race and the representatives of the human race. This must happen before the mass landings."
NB – NB – NB: Then human beings will be able to vote. Do you want this to happen or not? It is a free will decision.

Alexandra again: “That is what I was going to ask you. Because you had also said: ‘if humanity accepted these mass landings’. That kind of made me nervous for those who are out there that are completely unaware." Cobra replied:
“At that time they will be aware because the mass media will be speaking about it. Then the mass media will be free from the control of the Rothschild’s. They will then report things that are really happening. They will report about those ETs. They will report about evidence. They will report about free energy. The devices will be reported on TV. You will be able to go and buy one."
Alexandra: “Now these selected individuals, are these people that are already in ‘kind of’ high places? In other words that can get the job done and get it moving?"
Cobra: "They are people who are qualified. I will not go into details. This is still classified. But after ‘The Event’ I will be able to give more information and advice about this."
Finally I TZ would just like to add that in Laguna Beach, Cobra mentioned that we must ’want’ 1st Contact with our Galactic Family to happen. He said “each individual has the right to have contact – you must request it”. He went on to say that some people have had this already but have forgotten. They can’t remember because it would put them in danger. At the time of ‘The Event’ we will remember again.
Thanks to Cobra and to Alexandra Meadors.
Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 24/02/2013 1550pm.
PS There may be several additions to this text made over the coming weeks.
Cobra as you may have read on the 'Cobra School' page wanted to come to Earth and bring Pleiadian Technology to us. At the Cobra conference he had some of this technology with him. Rob Potter also brought technology developed by Dr Fred Bell with him. Both Rob and Cobra have been in touch with ‘Semjase’.
The Pleiadian technology that Cobra has is called Tachyon technology. The devices that he has are both for healing of oneself, and one’s own personal space, as also for healing of the grid. For information regarding Tachyon technology please goes to Cobra or Rob’s websites. These are direct links.
One of the Resistance Movements projects is called Operation Dreamland. Another project is entitled the New Renaissance. The founders of these projects are the people in the group known as the ‘Brotherhood of the Star’ {see Light Resistance Movement on main ‘The Event’ page}.
The 1st Renaissance occurred about 500 years ago. This changed history dramatically. A large number of the White Nobility Families have their roots in these times. This was a time in our history when human beings started to be respected as beings of Light. We must add to this also the invention of the printing press. People began to have access to books and ideas. This time was the beginning for many of learning to read and write.
The 2nd Renaissance is about to take form – it will be happening soon. Part of this project is to gather contacts in Hollywood to produce on a larger scale a number of ‘teaching’ movies. We need to come into contact with both the movie industry and intellectuals to help to bring forth positive future ideas.
Some people are so confused. They find so much conflicting information on the Internet and get really disturbed. This creates situations where they want to attack the ‘messengers’ of positive ideas. They do not understand the message of Universal Love and see many of our attempts to reach out as manipulation.
The focus of these new movies and books etc. will be the development of humanities ability to be able to recognise positive solutions. Later on when the truth comes out the positive ETs will come in.
Cobra said in LA: “We have the answers. We need to breakthrough to the general public. We have been waiting long enough. The whole idea of Operation Dreamland is to breakthrough to the mass of humanity. We have to reach out to people about the new spiritual awakening. Information on ‘The Event’, ‘Disclosure’, ‘First Contact’ etc. needs to be made mainstream.”
“We would like to spread the message of the Goddess energy. As you will see if you take a look at the video on the ‘Event Intelligence Update’ page, the focus of the Cobra conferences around the world will be how to change our world. “If we get to the mass-media – we have won”. To this end Cobra has invited people from all walks of life to take part.
Thanks to Cobra and DaNell Glade
PS For 'Goddess Energy is now Crucial to the Liberation of our Planet' 'Isis on Spiral Consciousness' {Ccbra's wife Isis.}

Many Lightworkers were hoping and believing that huge change would occur on the 21/12/12. When we gathered in LA in Nov 2012 Cobra made it quite clear that ‘The Event' would not happen on that date.

There is a plan for a transformational 'Event' and it is described in great detail on the two pages devoted to the conference Cobra held in Nov. However I have decided to write this article after listening to a conversation between Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow on In- Light radio some weeks ago. In this discussion AAM made it clear that there would be a series of Events not just one and I felt that I wanted to clarify that by explaining how I see things, hopefully not misunderstanding Him?

The other day Cobra made a posting on Portal 2012, after many people had questioned him as to why there had not been an ‘Event'. After listening to AAMs comments in recent weeks I find Cobra's words give a very clear picture of the situation. He said “Many people are wondering what is the situation regarding the Event and what is the reason for all delays. As I have said many times, the Event cannot happen until the non-physical negative forces are dealt with. Removing them requires a lot of hard work without immediate spectacular results that many are expecting. The Light forces had a plan to trigger the Event in 2012 inside one of the Windows of Opportunity. That would require conscious cooperation and a degree of unity inside the Liberation movement on the surface of the planet. As you all know, that unity did not manifest and in addition to that, certain key individuals made wrong decisions in crucial moments, as it often happens within the surface population.
The Light forces beyond the surface of the planet have thus chosen a more waterproof approach that does not rely so much on the surface population. They are removing obstacles one after the other until the situation is ripe for the Event to occur. This approach takes longer, but it is much more certain to be successful.”
What are the Main Events within the Event?
1)New Financial System
2)Release of the True History of our Planet
3)Release of New Technologies and Free Energy
4)A Quantum Spiritual Awakening for Mankind
5)New Interim Temporary Governments Worldwide
6)Elections Worldwide
7)Gradual Preparation for ‘First Contact’ with our Galactic Family
8)‘Informal First Contact’ with Pleiadians
9)Official First Contact with Galactic Family
So what did AAM mean by a series of Events? This is my interpretation.
I feel that as the ‘Company of Heaven’ or as Cobra would say the ‘Light Forces beyond the surface of Gaia’ now have decided on a more waterproof 'Event' date, certain other 'events' on many other levels will probably be in place, before the day comes for a major overnight change Event.

Before that day - The Event day described as when the 'Event Flash' goes from Source and it starts the chain of Events that The Event constitutes, there will already have been many minor events. Right now this moment as I write this there is an event of great importance in Washington DC = the 2nd day of 5 of the ‘Citizens Hearing on Disclosure’. And there will no doubt be other events that have taken place, to make certain a smooth - painless transference when the time comes for major overnight change.
Recent events and possible coming events in the timeframe before The Event as of today 30/04/2013.
Prelude events to the First Event of The Event = The New Financial System.
1} Worldwide evidence for ‘Financial Dysfunction and Dissatisfaction’ is a fact no one will deny. In recent months we have been informed at regular intervals about the development of the OPPT – One Peoples Public Trust. This information is now spreading worldwide, giving us knowledge of our true rights, and giving people an indication that very soon we will no longer be in the hands of ruthless elite bankers and finance institutes. There are other individuals and groups working towards the same ends worldwide. Let us not forget the fantastic citizen ‘Occupy Wall-Street-Movement’. These ‘events’ in the area of finance all serve the fantastic purpose of preparing us for the 1} First Event in the series of Events at the time of ‘The Event’, namely The New and Fair Financial System. It is not likely that there can be any real change until the arrests are made and the current system is completely closed down which will happen at the right time on The Main Event day.
Backdate event of importance. On 06/04/2013 I wrote on my Facebook Page about the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists or ICIJ. This is a combined group of 86 Journalists who come from 46 countries and who work together. They have hacked into over 2.5 million secret files and are systematically identifying each and every secret haven where the Cabal has been hiding the money it is stealing from the people = you and me and everyone. This is big and they are just getting started.
Prelude events to the Second Event of The Event = Our True History Revealed.

2} Thanks to the arrival of Google Earth and the ability to ‘see’ below the Earth’s surface we are now aware that there are for example huge pyramids like those in Egypt at the exact same latitude around the entire planet. The other amazing factor is that the distance between them is exactly the same too. Little Grandmother has told about the above in the past year, as also about the human remains being found worldwide of ancestors who were 2 to 3 meters tall. The following site has a 9 year archive of amazing worldwide geological files. http://s8int.com/WordPress/2010/04/ Here I would also remind you about the ‘Short Planetary History’ heading found on ‘The Event’ 2 page, information which I received from Cobra at the LA conference Nov 2012. This little introduction to the truth of our true history being discovered worldwide sets the stage for the reminder that the Second Event at the time of The Event will be A Release of the true history of our planet. {Broadcast via TV worldwide.}
Prelude events to the Third Event of The Event = Worldwide release of Free Energy and other New Technologies
3} One event leading up to the 3rd Event of the Event is most definitely the arrival on the scene in the spring of 2012 of the free provision of the film ‘THRIVE’ now available in 22 languages on You-Tube. I believe everyone should see this film which gives us ample evidence for the development decades ago {indeed much longer} of free energy and how it has been prevented from coming into being. This film gives ample information on how financial institutes and multinational companies control us and much more classified info. Another prelude event to the worldwide release of free energy is most definitely the efforts of the company Keshe Technology in this area. As you will see on the Event pages there have been thousands of amazing technologies worldwide that have been ruthlessly hidden from the general public even if this meant murdering someone. The 3rd Event of ‘The Event’ will be the release worldwide within weeks of new technologies not in least free energy.
Prelude events to the Fourth Event of The Event = A Worldwide Spiritual Awakening.

4} The date of 21-12-2012 was the day many Lightworkers worldwide felt would be the day of ‘Ascension’ for those ready to become 5th Dimensional Individuals and journey along with our beautiful planet Gaia to the 5th dimension. This indeed happened – however it was not such a dramatic event as many imagined. My personal belief here is that many of these Lightworkers were already for some time functioning at the upper levels of the 4th dimension in their awareness and that ‘gliding over’ to the 5th did-does not necessarily entail an ‘out of body’ experience. At some point in time when our physical bodies - which are now going through a transformation from carbon-based to crystalline-based atomic particles - become adapted to 5th dimensional living we will have the ability to utilise our bodies in ways we never could in 3D. Especially since the portal of 11-11-11 the Light from Source – Love – Spirit has been flooding our planet. This reached a culm around 12-12-12 and 21-12-12 and is still affecting us as I write this. We are as a human species ascending along with Gaia. She is going through this process and we really don’t have much choice here but to go along with her. For those among the human population who cannot make the transition at this time to 5D there will be alternative options provided for remaining in a 3D-4D reality.
Worldwide Peace

After 'The Event' starts there will be 'Peace on Earth'. The Energy - the Light - affecting us more strongly each day is laying the ground for a complete non tolerance attitude among the many for use of weapons and violence. The sorry figure of the Northern Korean leader showing off his weapons and threatening war is so sad and I am sure most people must see that his 'show of power' - his show of explosions etc. are something that seems to belong to another time - another historical time that no longer makes any sense. When this attitude is prevalent worldwide - when everyone sees that war is no longer an answer and my guess is that 4 out of 5 people want this NOW, then one can only imagine the joy worldwide when world peace is a fact, a direct result of the transformation that The Event will constitute.
Ascension of Gaia and Humanity
The Ascension process of humanity is an on-going process affecting everyone at every level of awareness yet at the time of The Event there will be a huge leap forward in this for everyone. See the heading ‘Ascension – now the real Ascension Time Period will be here, 'THE EVENT' ITSELF WILL BE A PORTAL. AN ENORMOUS SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.’ on the main Event page for more details. I can also recommend the article ‘The Real Ascension to 5D’ on the page called Cobra School and not in least the Ascension page in its entirety.
There is a ‘Golden Thread’ running through the major world religions. There is a point where they all meet and unite. Yet statistics show that a mere 32% of the world’s population would today consider themselves to be religious. Among those who claim to be Christians only 50% of them believe that Jesus Christ actually existed. So a good guess would be that a mere 15% of humanity has a true belief in the existence of more advanced spiritual Beings on Higher Dimensions. {This actually came as a bit of a shock-eye-opener to me. No wonder people think I’m mad believing in everything under the sun from fairies to Archangels to our Galactic Family?}
Catholicism's mind control programming of billions of us is a fact. Each day more and more of the dark evil truths about what has gone on inside this church reach the general public. All of this awareness will serve to lessen the chock that otherwise could be 'beyond belief' for many Catholics worldwide at the time of The Event when the Truth is plain for all to see.
Enormous Spiritual Awakening
I truly believe that there will be an enormous spiritual awakening after The Event. In fact it could not be any other way. When people become aware of the actual existence not merely of higher dimensional cousins from our galaxy and beyond, but also of the actual existence of ‘people’ like Jesus Christ, St Germaine, Commander Ashtar, Mother Mary and many more everything will change-everything.

Prelude ‘events’ to the Fifth Event of The Event =
‘New Interim Governments Worldwide’
and to the Sixth namely 'Worldwide Elections'

5} One of the Events that will be part of ‘The Event’ is the introduction of temporary new governments until new elections can be held worldwide, in all of our countries. There are tens of thousands of events worldwide that could give ‘evidence’ to the need - the desire among humanity for ‘trustworthy spiritual government’ by trustworthy individuals who have the greater good alone in mind. One event among these is the brave speech in the Belgian Parliament by Louis Laurent that I have written out word for word and that can be found in my ‘Blog Log’. Another just arrived on April 28th when the New York Times revealed that 14 of the 22 top terror attacks on the U.S. were created by the FBI. I could spend all day writing about probable events that could prelude the Event within ‘The Event’ that will bring us to that point. I trust implicitly that on the main Event day when there have been arrests worldwide we will not need any convincing that we need temporary interim governments worldwide. My inner Guide tells me that approximately 20% of the arrests worldwide will be of people currently in government positions.
Regarding government I would guess that here in Sweden we are among the ‘lucky ones’ as regards government. My Sources tell me that our politicians are of the ‘light’ to the extent of 60% which of course leaves much room for improvement but are better than in many other countries.
Prelude events to ‘Worldwide Elections’
6} When the time comes for our world to re-elect governments and there are worldwide elections taking place, we will have knowledge about the politicians that have supported the multinational companies that have controlled our world. I recently discovered through a friend how a company called Blackwater was directly affiliated to the multinational company called Monsanto. Most awake people worldwide know of the ‘madness’ that goes on there. Both of these companies are in the killing business. One of them kills us slowly by messing with and controlling our food, while the other provides elite mercenary soldiers who are known to have committed atrocities in countries like Iraq to say the least. Cobra told us in LA that this company {Monsanto} would be totally dismantled after the Event. So my guess here is that some worldwide information will leak out soon to the main media maybe via ICIJ to prepare the way for this. Only days after learning about Blackwater I see the name on a recent posting from Cobra about the Cabal. Cobra’s posting is available here on the Event Intelligence page.
Put simply; after The Event it will not be difficult to vote for the ‘right’ politicians because the ones who have sided with the Cabal will be exposed and there is no way they will be running in elections.
Prelude events to the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Events of The Event = namely Gradual Preparation for ‘First Contact’ with our Galactic Family, ‘Informal First Contact’ with Pleiadians, and Official First Contact with our Galactic Family
7,8,9} Regarding the ‘discussing’ of prelude events that can prepare us for ‘First Contact’ with our Galactic Family I have decided to unite the final three Events of The Event. But I would like to point out that there will of course be some time between these Events. I myself can only guess at this point how much time that might be. My guess is that there will at least be weeks between the various Events. My belief is that things will happen at a pace that is adapted to our ‘digestion’ of all the changes taking place.
I am going to write a list here of events that I believe are prelude events to ‘First Contact’ with our Galactic Family. This list has no prioritising of which event is more important than another. So here goes.
§ The YouTube video of our near collision with a meteorite in Russia that would have caused an enormous catastrophe, showing us that our Galactic Family are willing to die to protect us. {see the video on Galactic Family 2 page}
§ Interviews exposing ‘contact’ events by military staff and astronauts in the film THRIVE, available in 22 languages free of charge on You Tube since April 2012.
§ Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington DC from 29/4-03/5 2013
§ Countless You-Tube videos of spacecraft sightings worldwide 70-75% reliable real footage.
§ Many great Internet sites informing about our Galactic Family.
§ Channelled information from Commander Ashtar and other Galactics on Golden Age of Gaia. This site has also a special weekly news show via In-Light Radio called ‘Cosmic Vision News’ as also archives of the show from last year called ‘Our Galactic Family’. The Archangels and Ascended Masters who are also channelled here also enlighten us about Our Galactic Family and their support of us.
§ Information provided by James Gilliland through numerous interviews on You Tube {One at the top of this page} about the regular ‘fly-over’ contacts etc. at his ranch in Washington State, which has been visited by many people including NASA.
§ Release of the film ‘Sirius’ by Dr Steven Greer.
§ Mexican government who set up a special military connection group for the research of the Plasma Being ships from inner earth. The Mexican military went on National TV and told the people not to attack, or try to harm these beings in any way. “They are the good guys and they are our friends”
§ Portal 2012 which is the blog belong to Cobra. Cobra’s arrival on the scene on the 31st March 2012 was such a joy to all the Galactic Friends on Gaia. Cobra works in direct contact and cooperation with the Resistance Movement below surface on Gaia and this movement is mainly composed of extraterrestrial family members. He is a Pleiadian.
§ ‘The Pleiadian Message’ which is a You Tube video message to us from our Pleiadian relatives. To see it go to the Galactic Family page and roll down to bottom.
§ David Wilcock and his site Divine Cosmos just have to be mentioned regarding almost any information pertaining to our times. His work with TV series like 'Ancient Aliens', his work with Dr Steven Greer and there is so much more that i have learned from him.
§ Robert Potter, who worked alongside Dr Fred Bell for many years, had direct contact with a Pleiadian Lady called Semjase. Rob has assisted Cobra with several of his conferences and has created a website called ‘The Promise Revealed’. He has a lot of fascinating Galactic info there.
§ For decades now there have been amazing crop circles worldwide. We know that 20% of them are for real and they have been created by Galactic Family members to assist us with information at this time.
§ Last but not least I am reminded of the person who awoke me to the presence of my Galactic Family first. Mrs Doris Lessing who wrote a series of books in the early 80s from the point of view of a Sirian Galactic relative looking at our situation here on ‘Shikasta’ = Earth. One of the books was called ‘The Sirian Experiments’ and the one I had to ‘dissect’ was ‘The Marriages between Zones 3, 4 and 5’ the book that pushed me in the direction I find myself in today. Mrs Lessing finally received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007.
These are the sources of information that have supported my knowledge and I have no idea what is going on in places like China, India or Asia. I do know that the South American peoples are very aware of Galactic Presence and the Rothschild media control cannot prevent things coming out there to the same extent as it does in the so called western world. It will be interesting to see if the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure get any media exposure in the coming days.
EXTRA EVENT On 24th April 2013 Cobra was allowed to release information about the Secret Space Program see this on Event Intelligence page
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 29/4-03/5 2013
There will no doubt be more and more truths coming to the surface now through the mainstream media.
Some of these truths may be about the Technological Advances that have been hidden from us.
Some may be about the cures for diseases like cancer, which have been prevented from reaching us. In recent months in Sweden we have had regular reporting on the main official Swedish TV channel, about the dangers of vaccinations. They have reported on the patients who became ill with Narcolepsy from the Swine flu vaccine. We have learned about the 'uselessness' of the medicine to protect people from the Swine flu namely ‘Tamiflu’ and now just last week about young women becoming paralysed {and reports of deaths} after receiving the vaccine ‘Gardasil’ which is falsely marketed as preventing cervical cancer.
I say “Thank God” after 25 years of trying to tell people about these things.
In each Event area of The Event there will no doubt be prelude events happening now day by day - outpouring of truths which will serve to ease the transformation that will occur from one day to the next at the time of The Event.

We will all know it when that day comes. We will all feel this energy when Mother Father One decides it's time.

Like the Flash of White Light so strong that reached an area of Russia recently when the meteorite nearly collided with us. Those who have experienced that will not forget it.

So I must say that I feel it is better this way, it is better that the ‘Light forces beyond the surface’ have decided on a more waterproof approach that does not rely so much on the surface population. It is better that we're more prepared when The Event happens. We will simply 'glide over' gently to a new age from one day to the next like magic.
Meantime if there are specific strong prelude events in the coming days and weeks I will add them to the appropriate area of the text above under the heading EXTRA EVENT, also the date they occurred.
Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 01/05/2013 2013pm

Hopi or Hopituh Shi-nu-mu. means
" The Peaceful People "
or "Peaceful Little Ones".










These words touch the very core of my being. They say it all. They will remind everyone of Little Grandmother who repeatedly reminds us of the fact that "WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR" and she insists it is the end of the time for Teachers and Pupils, Masters and Disciples, we should all accept and respect each other as teachers of truth for one another.
I would like to add that these words were pasted on the door of my office where i recently taught refugees Swedish, and that the source of the text that i copied then from the Internet came from
Barbara Swetina 2007.
I might add here that you should feel free to copy anything you like from my site, and use info as you like, but i ask as do others like David Wilcock, that Please do not take the whole article and repost it, unless you mention the source of the article, even as in this case I could have found this Info at Hopi Information sites without mentioning Barbara Swetina.
PS. There is a strange continuation of this story, as when I posted this article I had no clue who Barbara Swetina was, but now I do because when I arrived in Scotland for Love Magic and Miracles I discover that she is one of the main Musical Inspirational Mentors working at the Findhorn Community.
I met her less than one week after posting this article! [26/10/2012]

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 23/09/2012


For 'extra' Laguna beach info check out article to the right of this one.
Bildnamn PLEIADES.
The experience on this planet has taught you that life can be mean and cruel. Most of us have accepted this as an underlying basis of our reality, learning not to trust other beings but fear them instead.
This premise is the basis that the Cabal is operating from. It is the glue that keeps their reality together and keeps us enslaved into it.
But we have our Souls. They exist on the plane of the 5th dimension and have direct connection to the universe beyond the Veil.
Whenever we connect with our Soul, we enter a reality where the Cabal cannot reach us with its tricks.
Whenever we connect with the universe beyond the Veil, the same thing happens.
So we connect vertically and horizontally. This is the key to our individual liberation. It is also part of the key for the liberation of the planet.
Beyond the Veil the Universe is full of Love. Every atom, every molecule, every subatomic particle beyond the Veil is vibrating with that Love.
All beings in this universe except most beings on planet Earth are now operating from that Love. Whatever they do is an act of Love. Their every thought and every emotion expresses that Love.
And that Love will soon overflow our planet and set it free.
Be aware of that fact when you make your decisions.
Extra Miscellaneous Diverse Information
This is a compilation of various facts that we received at the Cobra conference in Los Angeles in November. The facts came up due to questions people posed at the conference on many diverse subjects. There is no organised order to these facts.

0) Father – Mother Divine = Source = Central Sun.
1) Yes we did go to the Moon.
2) The central sun of our Milky Way Galaxy is in the constellation of Sagittarius, not to be confused with our local central sun.
3) Can we visit other planets? After ‘First Contact’ space travel will open up and expand and be made open for humanity.
4) When you ascend you go beyond the incarnation cycle. It was the archons who introduced the incarnations. They controlled the incarnation grids. Reptilians have reincarnated into the Rothschild family again and again having memories of enslavement missions.
5) For those who would like to go to another 3D society, there is a planet being prepared in the Pleiadian society. There will be a perfect 3D existence there. {see Tolec and the Biospheres on the page entitled ‘Bigger Picture cont.’} Those who would like to stay on the 3rd Dimension will live to be around 120 years. Beyond the 3rd dimension there are no limits to maintaining a body.
6) The Cabal have had various dark government bases on the Moon but they have been kicked off from there.
7) What celestial involvement do Angels have? Angels are here to anchor Angelic Light and it is good to connect with them.
8) Billy Meyer’s lineage? His predictions? He’s an incarnated Pleiadian who has been contacted. Actually he was a good contact in the beginning, but not later. I would not agree with his predictions.
9) Why did Beings with higher consciousness end up turning to the dark side as rebels? How could they want to do that? You decide to have an experience. These were innocent beings who wanted to try something new and they were tricked.
10) Who are ‘the Annunaki? They are a small segment of the Cabal and they are being cleared.
11) Who are the negative Andromedans? During the Galactic wars there was a clearing of the Andromeda galaxy. Negative beings were cleared out and they came to this galaxy and planted archons. Most of the High Jesuits were from these Andromedans.
12) Who were the Essenes? They were one of many groups who had access to part of the Gnostic teachings, but not all of them. The Gnostic texts are closest to the truth. The writings gave a good description of what happened.
13) Dark rebels do they have a choice? Darkness is NOT necessary.
14) The souls who are ‘dark’ in that they do not seem to have an ability to empathise, their hearts seem closed, why are they like this? This is due to their past experiences. People close their hearts to protect themselves. When conditions improve, hearts will open again.
15) Who is Commander Vali Thor? He is from Venus. He is not a physical Being. He encourages us to balance ourselves in the 5 areas of the 5 pointed star. Spiritually, Mentally, Socially, in our Creativity – work, and financially. Semjase has worked with Him.
16) Armageddon has been erased.
17) Antarctica is used now by the Galactic Federation. It was earlier used by the Nazi’s as a base.
18) What does the term ‘Recycle’ mean regarding souls being sent to the Central Sun for recycling? A soul who is sent to the Central Sun, or to the Source for recycling, must start a new evolution = be born as a soul again and start at zero. The souls we would term as ‘soulless ones’ are beings who have lost connection to their souls.
19) The Central Sun of the Pleiades Constellation is Alcyone.
20) The veil we call the Matrix is the veil that has kept us in quarantine on this planet. That is the reason for the Roswell crash. The Zeta Reticuli race had lost connection with their emotions but they were not negative. This race was abducting people against their will between 1960 and 2002. They crossed over to the Light in 2010.
21) The Cabal had space programs in place already in the 1950’s.
22) The Cabal landed on Mars in 1962!
23) The plans for the financial system that we have been subjected to through the Cabal, come from the Orion constellation. Its gold or excuse me goal ‘How to control people through finance’, was used by the Sumerians, The Romans and on us now.
24) The Bishop of Milan known as Theodosius the Great, was an archon controlled person who destroyed all the old mystery schools.
25) Archons arranged the Alexandria library to be burned down and some of the books there were taken to the Vatican.
26) The ‘Eastern Alliance’ has been pressuring the Rothschild’s to surrender for nearly a year.
27) Someone asked about the popularity of sexual orgies. The ‘pull’ in people towards engaging in group sexual activities is a ‘memory’ from the time of Atlantis when this was prevalent. Cobra said that this type of activity blocks the energy. The Chakras are not balanced. He suggests that people should use positive rituals to channel the energies and to manifest their goals.
28) Lemuria was a Paradise. There are many of us with strong connections to that time. Hold the Vision!
29) Who is Saint John of God? He is a Lightworker.
30) Should we try to improve the quality of our food and water? Yes it is important because this is a way you can receive more Light.
31) Who was Mary Magdalene? She was Jesus wife and they had children. They have a soul-mate relationship. He appeared to her on two occasions after his Ascension.
32) Re The film ‘Thrive’. Cobra informed us he has had a very good interview with the film-makers.
33) Re: Archons and Goddess energy. They have always been attacking the Goddess energy every way they can. They have been mind controlling women in underground bases. They are allergic to Goddess energy. They have created negative force fields to trap women energetically. They have brutally suppressed them through violent rape.
Men must learn to connect to women in a new way. Everyone can do this and men especially need to get ‘connected’ to Goddess energy inside and out. See the page ‘Cobra School’ and Cobras wife Isis postings there.
34) Our cats and our dogs? They will not become Ascended Masters. Their energies will be balanced in the 'new' world and they will be very happy.
35) Is it true that the mineral kingdom becomes vegetable, and it becomes animal and so forth? Yes!
36) Why is Little Grandmother placing crystals in specific places worldwide? This helps to activate the energy grid of the Light. Those crystals are put in the vortexes to heal. This is a part of her work.
There may be more to come on this list in the coming days - weeks.

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