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General Questions

Buying and Selling D-Carats


Legal Terms

User Agreement & Acceptance Policy



General Questions

Why would I use D-Carat.com?

There are some obvious benefits of using the D-Carat system such as:

Instant online transacting

24/7 Global Payment solution

Irreversible No Chargebacks

No Fees

However the main feature that distinguishes D-Carat from other electronic currencies is its stability. All D-Carat accounts are 100% backed by diamonds stored in a vault and cannot be commingled with other D-Carat operations or assets. D-Carat is an account based payment system that effectively uses diamonds as money. You can spend/receive certain quantities of diamonds (D-Carats).

The D-Carat account is free from financial risk but that’s not all. Your account balance is always stable unlike with other e-currencies based around precious metals that fluctuate erratically. This integral factor of stability is why the D-Carat ecurrency solution is second to none.

What is a D-Carat?

One D-Carat represents a quantity of diamonds that is always equal to $1700.

What fees does D-Carat charge?

None for sending and receiving or withdraw. Only 2.5% for in-exchange.

Does the balance in my account move with the price of diamonds?

No, the account balance will not fluctuate. What you pay in or receive is exactly what you can withdraw. It is the responsibility of D-Carat to ensure that the value of the diamonds in storage equates to the value of the D-Carats in circulation.

How do I open a D-Carat account?

D-Carat accounts are available to everyone, however, D-Carat.com has been designed primarily for use by online traders, investors or the numerous partners of the Caullin Foundation. If you wish to open an account simply select Sign Up on the home page and complete our registration form and User Agreement.

Where is D-Carat based?

D-Carat.com is owned and operated by the Caullin Foundation based in the Republic of Panama. Panama is known to be the major financial centre of Latin America and has a secure offshore banking industry. It is governed by strict anti-money laundering controls but at the same time follows tight privacy & confidentiality policies.

Where is my personal data stored?

Your privacy is of paramount importance to D-Carat. Your personal data is safe and secure based on our own data center servers in Panama.

How is my money protected if D-Carat goes out of business?

If for some remote reason, this ever was the case the diamonds in allocated storage would be liquidated. Once converted into national currency all accounts would be paid through bank wire or check.

Do I own the diamonds?

Yes, a D-Carat represents $1700 worth of diamonds that you own. The ownership of the diamonds changes as D-Carats are transferred between accounts.

Can I have the diamonds sent to me?

Only D-Carats to the value of $1,000,000 can be redeemed and sent/collected. (Note: extra charges apply). The diamonds provided will be a range of diamonds with varied carat weight, clarity grade, color grade, color type and fluorescence. For quantities less than this amount you can simply exchange your D-Carats for fiat currency through the standard options available.

Buying and selling D-Carat’s

How do I buy D-Carats?

D-Carat does not use third party exchangers. You can buy D-Carats internally once you have logged in.

How long does it take to receive my D-Carats?

You will receive your D-Carat(s) as soon as your payment has been verified. Unless you have been sent D-Carats in which case you shall receive them instantly.

How much does it cost to buy D-Carats?

2.5% in-exchange fee.

How do I convert my D-Carat(s) into national currency?

You can sell your D-Carats back to D-Carat.com itself. You will then be provided with a transfer.

How much does it cost to sell D-Carats?

No cost/fee is applied.

Are there any daily limits for buying and selling D-Carats?

None if you are verified, however your account has a restricted status due to ID requirements then a monthly transaction limit of $1000 will apply.

How do I setup a merchant account?

The D-Carat system is not intended for use by general online traders.


What type of diamonds that back the D-Carat are stored?

The diamonds in storage vary in carat weight, clarity grade, color grade, color type and fluorescence. The value of the diamond’s are independently verified. Ownership of the diamonds changes between D-Carat accounts but the diamonds stay securely in the vault. The diamonds cannot be commingled with D-Carat other operations or assets.

Are the diamonds in storage insured?

Yes the diamonds are insured to 100% of their value.

Where do the diamonds come from?

All of our diamonds are sourced legitimately from non-conflict countries and follow the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) to ensure they are from a clean pipeline.

Legal Items

Is D-Carat a bank?

NO. D-Carat does not take deposits pay interest or offer loans. A D-Carat account shows what value of diamonds are held in storage.

Does D-Carat.com have an anti money laundering policy?

Yes, D-Carat does not tolerate money laundering activity in any way click here to view our policy.

What taxation advice can D-Carat provide me?

None. You should seek taxation advice from a qualified tax advisor.

Is D-Carat an investment program?

No. D-Carat does not pay interest. D-Carat facilitates the use of diamonds in the short term as a currency.

Does D-Carat allow HYIP or Pyramid Schemes?

No. HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) or Pyramid schemes are fraudulent activities and therefore illegal in most countries.

User Agreement & Acceptance Policy

Who can open an account with D-Carat?

At present D-Carat individual/corporate accounts are available to everyone but primarily those who have a relationship with any one of our numerous partners.

Accounts that are inactive in the first 4 weeks of opening will be terminated.

If I open a corporate account, what extra information do you require?

Corporate Accounts must include articles of incorporation, a signed corporate resolution, and a copy of one form of identification for the ultimate beneficial owner(s) or corporate representative.

What are the two types of account available?

There are 2 accounts available - Restricted and Verified.

Restricted - simply means that no ID has been obtained and has transaction limitations.

Verified status is obtained once ID has been provided and limitations are removed.

What limits are applied to a restricted account?

Restricted accounts have a maximum transaction value of $1000.

My account is restricted, what happens if I complete a transaction that exceeds this restriction?

The transaction will not complete.

How do I become verified? What types of ID are acceptable?

Once you have opened your account. Login and select the Briefs tab. Follow the instructions from there.

Two forms of identification are required. Photo ID such as a passport or driving license and one form of ID that verifies your address and is les than 3 months old, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

How long does it take for my ID to be processed and my account verified?

Once received, your ID will be processed within 24hrs and your account status will become Verified.

Can I scan my documents and email them?

No, you must login in to your account and upload them directly. Simply go to the Briefs tab and upload your ID.

What is the purpose of the User Acceptance Policy?

D-Carat asks for your personal information to protect both you and us. We need to prevent the system being used for criminal purposes whether that is money laundering, fraud or identity theft. We also have to comply with all laws in our country of location. D-Carat takes abuses of our system very seriously.


Where do you store the information I send to you?

Your privacy is of paramount importance to D-Carat.com. Your personal data is safe and secure on our own data centre servers based in Panama. We restrict access to personal information about you to those employees who need to see that information. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. Your account information is stored only in encrypted form on our computers. We test our security systems regularly.

Who can be given access to my personal information?

Your personal and private information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties unless we are required to do so pursuant to legal process.


What account security do you offer?

Security is the primary focus of D-Carat and we have incorporated some of the most advanced security features available. We have also implemented a few additional ones of our own. Some of the main security features include IP recognition, customer recognition, verifiable payment system, anti-hack systems and 256 security encryption.

Why is it so important to keep my passphrase safe?

Your passphrase permits access to your account. We recommend that you do not disclose it to anybody. You will be liable for any transactions completed by a user accessing your account using the passphrase.

What represents a good passphrase?

A good passphrase has to be unique: icarat requires that all passphrases are a minimum of 8 characters and must be a combination of letters and numbers.

How do I change my passphrase?

You can change your passphrase once you are logged in. Go to Briefs section and change the passphrase in the security settings.

What do I do if I lose or forget my passphrase?

On the account login page select Forgotten Password and follow the instructions.

What does trusted computer mean?

Trusted computer means that you can specify an IP address and then only the computer on that IP address can access the account. You can organize the IP restriction after logging into you account and going to Briefs. In the Briefs section simply adjust the security settings.

How can I detect false emails from D-Carat?

There are 2 main things to know about emails from D-Carat:

We shall never send any email asking you to log into account by clicking an embedded link.

We shall never send an email with an attachment.

What are your overall security recommendations?

Never disclose your passphrase to anyone.

Ensure your passphrase is unique and try to memorize it rather than writing it down

Use a trusted computer

Ensure when logging in you are at the �secure� D-Carat website. (Look for https:// instead of http://)

Why does my session time out?

The time out is a security feature. It terminates the connection after a period with no activity. This prevents others accessing & abusing your account.

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